Blog Basics: 10 Tips to Create a Great Company Blog


“If content is king and marketing is queen, then your blog is the castle”

~ Marcus Nelson

Blogging is an essential part of a business’s marketing strategy. It is the single, authoritative voice of the company. It houses content, maintains brand, engages customers, and delivers your message. Whether you are just starting a blog or looking to beef up your current blog, here is a compilation of tips from experts around the web to help you create really awesome content.

1.    Create a content calendar: Have a posting schedule, and have a list of blog topics on hand. You ensure that your business is creating content consistently to create an ongoing conversation.

2.    Blog with purpose: Blogging for the sake of blogging will get you nowhere. Be intentional about your topics because your content is your brand. Your blog is a way to tell your company story, and talk about topics that interest your audience.

3.    Keep the 80/20 rule: Eighty percent of your blog should be tips, tricks, how-tos, top 10 lists, or whatever else is of interest and relevant to your audience. The remaining 20% should be about your company, your product or your service.

4.    Reply to reader comments: The point of a blog is to generate a conversation, and you can’t maintain a conversation if you don’t reply to your readers. Be mindful of comments, and be intentional and thoughtful of how you respond – a bad response can spark a crisis situation.

5.    Be catchy with your headlines: Like a newspaper, people often read the full article only if the headline is interesting. Reel in your customers with snappy headlines. Follow that with a great, well-written blog and you may just have dedicated readers.

6.    Be social: Build in “sharing buttons” for your customers. Allow them to spread the word via their own social networks. Blogging platforms like Wordpress (which integrates well with websites) and Blogger have sharing capability built in when a new post is published. Also, share the blog link on your own personal social networks – this can be effective when trying to build a readership.

7.    Include photos and videos: Visual aids hold attention much better and are much more appealing to the eye, so include both photos and video in your blog posts.

8.    If you are stumped for ideas, crowdsource: Ask your customers what they think is interesting or what they would want to know about your company, the industry, your product, etc.

9.    Keep it brief: Posts that clock in 500 - 1000 words are generally the sweet spot in terms of length. Include photos, videos, and the ability to share, and you’ve got a winning blog.

10.    Don’t get discouraged: It can take a while before you see a return on your blog – the web is large, noisy, cluttered space. Be patient and consistent. If you blog right, you will see the rewards of hours of work.

Remember: content is king and your blog is the castle. Make it a strong one.

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