Four Reasons Video is Essential to Your Corporate Strategy


According to PR powerhouse Ragan Communications, 25% of corporate communications aredelivered via visual images, i.e. photos, graphics or videos. This significant portion of a communications strategy indicates how vital having a corporate video is to your brand. Video communications transcend a traditional hard-copy news release or product launch to a morepersonal audience response when brands tell their story with video versus print. There are many different types of videos, including:

  • corporate
  • promotional
  • sales
  • how-to
  • informative
  • outreach
  • testimonial

Video tells your brand's story and offerings in a visually appealing, memorable, and cost-effective manner.

Four Reasons Video is Essential to Your Corporate Strategy

1.  The power of body language Your audience can read about your company, but video allows them to SEE your company. Video is a 3D communications medium, while writing remains 1 dimensional. Writing your brand’s story is not invalid: your written story is a very strong asset that adds value. But video adds something else: a personality, a relatable aspect. Body language and sound may tell your story much more transparently and effectively than writing, especially in a limited time span.

2. Increase revenue According to the Wharton School of Business, people are 72% more likely to buy a product or service when video is used. There is a greater understanding of the company and their offering in much more timely way compared to reading a newspaper ad or an “about us” page online. The WSB’s study also found that people are highly likely to share videos they like with family and friends. ~ShutterShot

3. Potential A successful video incorporates six qualities critical to the overall communications strategy: quality, mix, quantity, discovery, distribution, and analytics ~Ragan Communications.  User-generated content or a professionally written script can create videos with breadth and depth. Videos have the potential to be viewed anywhere, at any time with mobile technology. Videos showcase your company, and they have the potential to add value to the bottom line.

4.  A dynamic, robust communications plan Video takes your communication strategy from static to dynamic ~Ragan Communications. It connects you and your company to your target audience. Through video, you can begin to build a relationship with your customers, and this relationship retains loyalty and trust between the company and its customer.

The video train is on the fast track, and it just rolled into your neighbourhood; jump on board!

Check out the video Alchemy Communications produced for Inn from the Cold for their DreamINN Big gala: