Twitter for Your Business 101


Twitter is becoming a star in business social media strategy. Twitter is about bringing people together who have shared interests. Whether the shared interest is with family members, among friends, or between a brand and it's customer, Twitter permits only 140 characters to share your message. With over 200 million active users per month, your business can connect with your customers and your potential customers. Done wrong, your customers will ignore you, or worse yet, leave you. A strategic plan to share relevant content and connect on Twitter can make the difference between being just another voice in the crowd and developing a following of fans and loyal consumers. For businesses, the power of Twitter lies in directly sharing information and connecting with your customers in real-time.

Here are 5 reasons your business needs to be on Twitter:

1.    Information spreads – fast Twitter is all about communicating thoughts, stories, and ideas in real-time, and information is quickly disseminated. Twitter users have been at the forefront of many world events, often getting the information out before news outlets. The same fast sharing of information can work for business. A business owner sends out information about a product or service, an event, or a promotion and that tweet can be favorited, replied to, or retweeted. This can cause a domino effect, and that one tweet can turn into customers. A business can share news, a comment, or an image over Twitter at significantly less cost, and in dramatically faster speed, than with traditional media. This instant sharing of information or thoughts means that businesses have to be thoughtful when using Twitter: bad tweets can go viral even more quickly than smart tweets!

2.    Advertising According to Business Insider, there are three types of ads: promoted tweets, promoted trends, and promoted accounts. Twitter is climbing the ranks of mobile marketing, and allows targeted advertising messages delivered to relevant audiences in real-time. This is a territory ruled by Twitter. Advertising success on Twitter relies on your followers finding your messages relevant and shareable. The more retweets, favorites, replies and other engagement on Twitter, the more visible your brand will become.

3.    Connection Twitter is great for networking with customers, suppliers, and other business owners. Twitter allows you to connect with your customers in an authentic way. One of the most defining features of the Twitter connection is that communication can occur in real-time. Endorsements (and complaints) via Twitter are very powerful because they have the potential to spread very quickly. This can either help or hurt your business. The connections you create with your suppliers, customers, and other business relationships are a very public statement on the customer service you provide, your brand vision, and the priorities of your business.

4.    Engagement Your business needs to have a presence on Twitter because the social networking site allows you to engage with your customers. They can tell you what they think about your business, what they like, what they don’t like, and what they want your business to deliver. A business can follow their customers and see what they're interested in, what products and people they follow, and what they're talking about and with whom. You the business owner can let your customers know what you care about, and about your business' product features, new products or services, and promotions. When a customer talks to you about your business - a compliment, a complaint or a suggestion - Twitter provides a small business the power to hear from their customers in real-time and respond to them with the public watching.

5.  Authenticity Users know when your Twitter feed is a non-stop commercial for your business, or an honest interaction with your customers. Twitter provides small businesses the opportunity to be real and timely with their public: and the public demands authenticity. Whether your business is large or small, for profit or nonprofit: Twitter is an opportunity to humanize your brand. Rather than a non-stop commercial for your business, Twitter is an opportunity to be social and show your public the people behind your brand.

Twitter is a tool to share and connect with your customers that can be used to promote and grow your business. This infographic from Social Media Today can help your small business understand and use Twitter better:

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