Infographics That Deliver: A Picture Worth a Thousand Words


Complex, technical and statistical data is difficult to read and comprehend. Newspapers frequently visually depict complex data in informational graphics:

  • weather maps and forecasts
  • piecharts report election data
  • financial charts on the stock market
  • graphs show income, housing or population trends

Informational graphics called infographics are an ideal way for small businesses and nonprofits to communicate complex data to their audience. Your data is translated into visual content with compelling images that your viewers can easily read, comprehend and share. Visual content is highly ranked on social media: a quality infographic can increase your SEO efforts and target traffic to your website. There is a 12% average increase in site traffic after publishing an infographic. Social media uses infographics to share visual cues of complicated information. A few more facts:

  • 90% of information transmitted to the brain is visual
  • most people only remember 20% of what they read
  • 65% of the population are visual learners
  • search volume for infographics increased 800% in the last 2 years

Marketers use two types of infographics: static and animated, based on target audience and budget:

  1. Static infographics are used in blog content, posters, annual reports, brochures and email campaigns.
  2. Animated infographics use action, movement and sound to make infographic videos and can also be interactive, which encourages readers to spend more time engaging with your infographic. Mobile users have increased the popularity of animated infographics due to their portability and shareability.

Infographics are a powerful tool that should be a vital part of every small business and nonprofits communication strategy. 

Check out this infographic from Ubounce: Why Do Infographics Make Great Marketing Tools? 

Ubounce: Why Do Infographics Make Great Marketing Tools?

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