Is Podcasting Right for Your Business?


Podcasting is engaging, creates a sense of trust and builds customer loyalty. When you combine these three benefits, you have a strong foundation for growth.

~ Dave Thackeray, The Podcast Guy

The Internet is flooded with content, and it can be challenging to make your voice heard. The competition for an audience is fierce. How can brands stand out among all the social networks, banner ads, websites, and other content?

Podcasting is simply online audio content. It is not new: podcasting has been around for 10 years now. However, it is relatively new as part of business content marketing strategy, and can make your brand stand out above the competition. Podcasting allows your audience to hear your voice beyond the brand, and get to know the people behind the brand – you and your employees.

How can podcasting help your business? Here are six ways:

1.    Podcasting brings your brand to life. Your brand should not be only communicated through a report or a brochure, but it should be combined with other visual and interactive elements, including podcasting. It allows your audience to personally connect with your company on a more intimate level than on paper. And the more you engage your audience, the more loyal they will be and promote your company.

2.    Increase your marketing ROI. Podcasting is a way to get your message to your audience, but without the advertisements. Podcasting allows you to envelop the message with value-packed content that your audience will respond to.

3.    Podcasting allows you to create timely, relevant, and value-packed content and deliver that to your targeted audience. The immediacy and convenience of the online and on-demand aspects of the podcast are important things that your audience will value.

4.    Podcasting is personal, there is the perception of person-to-person communication. Customers are looking for on-demand, hands-free, audio content that they can listen to while keeping up with their busy lives. Podcasts can be easily accessed by computers, or by mobile devices for on-demand access.

5.    Podcasting is a novel platform in the marketing world. Having podcasts on your website or published on iTunes establishes you as an industry leader. You can provide thought leadership and establish your authority in your industry.

6.    Podcasting is relatively easy. The technological aspects of podcasting are easily managed with free and inexpensive tools to record, edit and publish your podcasts. Free and inexpensive channels exist to promote and share your podcasts, or you can host them on your website. Content can be curated by repurposing from your current content mix, or new content developed for a mobile audience. With a little bit of patience and time investment, you can start podcasting quickly. If your content is good and provides information people want to hear, bloggers and word-of-mouth will do the marketing for you.

Podcasting is a powerful tool in your communications strategy to deliver relevant,
on-demand and targeted content to a worldwide audience.

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