Why Gen Y-ers Volunteer for Non-Profits


Millennials may want to volunteer their time to your nonprofit organization: you need to give them the opportunity and make it worth their while. The following statistics show how Millennials engaged with non-profit organizations in 2012 and could help you determine what lights their fire and what led them to not give back and join causes.

Motivating Factors for Gen Y-ers to Volunteer:

•  Nearly four in five Gen Y-ers were motivated by the opportunity to work on a cause they are passionate about.

•  56% were prompted to help out because they got to meet new people who care about the same cause or issue.

•  46% said they inspired to act because they were able to lend pro-bono skills and expertise.

Reasons Why They Want to Get Involved:

•  56% cited the chance to meet people their age with similar interests as a prime reason to get involved.

•  43% said they helped out with an organization to broaden their skill set for future professional use.

•  Five in six Millennials noted their main reason for joining up with a nonprofit was because they are passionate about that organization's cause.

•  51% stated they were interested in the networking benefits from volunteering.

Once you understand why Gen-Y chooses to get involved with nonprofit organizations, you can create volunteer opportunities at your nonprofit that will engage Millennials who want to volunteer on behalf of your cause!

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