Animated Infographics: Telling Your Story with Data, Images and Movement


Infographics take complicated data and information and visualize it in images and graphics that the viewer can understand and remember. Infographics That Deliver shares some powerful statistics that will convince every small business and nonprofits that infographics are a powerful tool that should be part of your communication strategy. By introducing movement, animated infographics tell a story and can hold a viewers attention longer than a static infographic because it conveys information through images with movement and sound. Sometimes called video or motion infographics, animated infographics may also allow the viewer to interact with and personalize the infographic in a fun and engaging way. Animated infographics are particularly beneficial in presenting dry data in a light, entertaining format.

Animated infographics combine the benefits of infographics and video:
visualized data + movement + sound

Marketing Benefits of Animated Infographics

  • capture and engage viewer attention when there is a lot of "noise" in marketing and viewer attention spans seem to be getting shorter
  • highly searchable and strong SEO benefits: online videos can increase a site's chances of reaching page 1 of Google by 53% (Forrester Research)
  • by engaging viewers longer, animated infographics encourage viewers to stay on your site longer, and convert more traffic to sales
  • when published on YouTube, animated infographics have all the benefits of video marketing: YouTube gets over 4,000,000,000 views per day and is the #2 search engine after Google
  • highly shareable: even when the viewer is not interested in the subject, animated infographics are shared on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube and other social media sites because they are "cool" or "fun"

Animated Infographic on Inbound Marketing


A well-designed and executed animated infographic can enhance your brand and direct traffic to your site to engage viewers, communicate difficult or dry data in an understandable format, so that viewers willremember the information longer.

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