LinkedIn for Business: Four Tips to Leverage your LinkedIn Account


Connection   •  Opportunity   •   Knowledge

These are the three pillars of the popular social networking site LinkedIn. With over 270 million professionals in more than 200 companies, LinkedIn is the ideal platform for professionals to

  • connect with other professionals
  • seek out new opportunities to hire, market and sell
  • stay informed and share the industry news and trends

LinkedIn is a powerful business-to-business marketing and recruitment tool. LinkedIn for Business allows you to enhance your marketing by targeting your key audience and publishing relevant content on a highly visible platform that extends your and your company’s engagement with stakeholders.

Four Tips to Help You Maximize Your Effort and Time on LinkedIn

1. Build a company page in addition to your personal page

A LinkedIn Company Page allows members to expand their social networking reach and raise brand awareness by attracting company followers. You can share relevant content specific to your company or general to your industry. A personal LinkedIn Page is required to create a company page and to create and maintain personal relationships.

2. Give and ask for recommendations

Recommendations from a LinkedIn member to another member can give you credibility and build your reputation. Don’t be afraid to ask colleagues or customers to write a recommendation of your product or services. Recommending other people, their products or services, and their company can earn you some good karma. Help other LinkedIn members and give them a chance to succeed, and you can ask them to give you a recommendation. Note: LinkedIn recommendations are different from endorsements, which are one-click acknowledgements of someone's skills.

3. Post well, and post often

Sharing quality content on LinkedIn will contribute to higher ranking for you or your company on Google searches. You can amp up your SEO (search engine optimization) by posting good, relevant content on LinkedIn, and posting frequently.

4. Start connecting

Find people you already know on LinkedIn, and start connecting by inviting them to join your personal network. Don’t stop with the people you know! Find new people to build your network by looking at your connection's connections. Search for new contacts in your industry. Join groups in your field. You never know who could be a potential supplier, customer, stakeholder or new employee.

2/3 of all visits to company websites via social media are from LinkedIn, and this number is increasing at a steady rate. There has never been a better time to start using LinkedIn to supercharge your business marketing.

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