The Google Giant and Small Business: Five Reasons Your Business Needs a Google+ Page


If you are ignoring Google+  you are really ignoring the 'new' Google, but your competition may not be.

~ Martin Shervington

According the search giant’s blogGoogle+ is just that: Google with a plus. The little “+” symbol is the social networking features of Google, specifically Gmail, Blogger, and YouTube. Google has set up this social platform to be what you want it to be: a photo-sharing site, video chat channel, community networking, group conversations and file sharing, and a platform for personal expression. Like most social networking sites, Google Plus started out for personal users, and has now caught the attention of savvy business owners. Google+ is a great way for small businesses to connect with potential customers and suppliers, here are five more reasons your business should be on G+.

5 Reasons Your Business Needs Google+

1. Pervasiveness

Google+ is Google: and with more than 190 million active users Google + is climbing the social media ladder. It is predicted to outgrow Facebook within seven years. With numbers and potential like that, businesses are flocking to Google + to expand their reach and build their authority. Because G+ is part of Google, having your business on Google+ can positively impact your SEO.

2. Hangouts

Google+ Hangouts are free video and voice conversations where small and large groups can get together in real time on their computers or phones. Businesses can use invitation-only or public Hangouts on Air to coordinate team meetings, live stream special live events to talk to customers, introduce new products or services, or to provide information and training in a creative and inexpensive way.  Hangouts are also used for marketing, coaching, and a variety of other services and there are options to monetize your Hangouts. Hangouts also interface to YouTube and Facebook, which makes sharing between networks easy to coordinate.

3. Circles

Circles are more than groups of “fans” who "like" your page. Google Circles organize people, communities and business pages based on how you want to interact with them. Using Circles, you can build your relationships by ensuring that your content is shown to the right people at the right time, and sharing other users' content with +1. How you manage and organize your Circles determines how you share your content and how you see content on your G+ Home Stream.

4. Cost

One of the most attractive features is that Google+ is completely free. What’s more is that many people don’t realize they already have a G+ account. Since nearly all of Google’s services – YouTube, Blogger, Drive, Gmail, and Plus – are all connected, chances are you have a Google+ page already.

5. Measurability

You can qualify and quantify your social media efforts on Google+. If your business has a solid content marketing plan and you strategically use Google+, there are many companies who offer measurement tools at little to no cost including Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools. Google Analytics links your website analytics to your Google+ page, and G+ recently update user profiles to show how many views your page has received.

Google + for business is important for any small business or nonprofit who wants to expand their social reach and increase their visibility. G+ is a free social networking site: but like all free tools successful implementation of Google + requires an investment in time and resources to develop a content strategy that delivers.

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