Small Business Talk: What You Need to Know about PR


Every business has a story. Whether your business is a 100-year old family bakery, passed down from generation to generation, or your business is a fresh, new start-up full of creative and innovative ideas, your business has a story. Your story makes your business appealing to potential customers who are looking to connect and build relationships with companies they choose to do business with. Unfortunately, many business owners don't think their story is worth telling, and are unaware how to share their experiences. Enter public relations.

Most people scratch their head when PR pros disclose what they do. Public relations is a broad and evolving field that lacked definition. Understanding their industry’s ambiguity, the PRSA (Public Relations Society of America) set out to define their industry in 2012. Out of 927 possible definitions, the PRSA chose:

Public relations is a strategic communication process that builds mutually beneficial relationships between organizations and their publics.

So, what does that mean?

Simply, it means PR creates and builds positive awareness for your business. Whether you build relationships with the media, host your own events, or employ social networks to get the word out, you are trying to get some exposure for your business. Telling your business’s story is a great way to do that.

Tips for Small Businesses to Create and Build Your Public Relations Strategy

  • Know your message: The more you understand what to say about your business, product or service, the easier it is to make a reporter, blogger, or reviewer fall in love with it.
  • Network: The best way to build your network is to, well, network. Get out there and make contacts. Get to know who the media is, who your customers are, and who your competition is.
  • Have patience: PR is not magic. Good exposure and relationships don't happen immediately. With a solid message, good relationships, and an authentic story you can build your PR strategy to give your business an incredible competitive edge.

Whether you are a burgeoning new business, an established brand or a matriarch in your market, Public Relations can tell your story in innovative ways to generate business growth and sustainable profits by building relationships.

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