The Mobile Revolution: 5 Reasons Mobile Marketing Cannot Be Ignored


#DYK: 4 out of 5 consumers use their smartphones to shop

~ TechCrunch

Mobile search queries have grown five times in the past two years alone! It’s no secret that mobile communications caused a seismic shift in the way we shop, eat, socialize, donate and even conduct business. Phonesand shopping: we are living in the golden age of mobile marketing. Mobile marketing is cost-effective and offers unlimited potential to small businesses and nonprofits.

Why Mobile Marketing Cannot Be Ignored

1. Mobile is everywhere

Do you remember when smartphones were for business and tech executives? Today there are six billion mobile phone users around the world, and 61% of those are smartphones. The widely quoted fact that there are more mobile phones in the world than toothbrushes appears as true today as when first stated in 2010; the United Nations reports more people have mobile phones than toilets!

2. Online shopping

Customers spend more and more time online shopping. This is not simply exchanging money for a product or service, mobile shopping includes the process of researching, vetting, and analyzing products. Consumers are using their mobile phones to compare price and quality, as well as the actual store itself.

3. Social + Mobile

If social media is milk, mobile is the cookie: they go so well together. When businesses combine social media marketing with mobile marketing they create success. People prefer to use their mobile phones to navigate their social networks. It's important for businesses to ensure that they are visible on social networks, and that the links to their website are visible and optimized for mobile.

4. The Big App

The Apple Store has seen over 50 billion app downloads since July 2008. New mobile applications are being created and downloaded every day, and this has become an important part to mobile marketing strategy, according to comScore, 82% of mobile media time is spent on apps versus mobile sites. There are many types of shopping apps, including retailer apps, price comparison apps, wallet apps and coupon apps; resulting in thousands of smartphone and tablet shopping apps.

5. It’s the future

In 2014 mobile usage will overtake desktop Internet usage due to the rise in 3G and 4G capabilities in rapidly developing economies such as India and China. Mobile networks are cheaper and faster to create than the traditional home-based networks.

Given the rise of smartphones and online shopping statistics, it makes sense to make mobile marketing a part of your overall business strategy. Here is one last reason businesses should consider mobile marketing: it is a connection to customers. Mobile marketing gives businesses the opportunity to build a relationship with their customers, and increase brand loyalty.

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