PR 101: 5 Terms You Need to Know Today


Digital marketing refers to all marketing that uses a device such as a computer, smartphone, or tablet to communicate with and engage users, and includes social media, email, video, websites, and gaming.

Public Relations has changed with the growth of digital marketing: PR has long had its own jargon, but as public relations has evolved to embrace digital marketing, PR professionals are using a whole new marketing language. When working with a public relations firm, a small business owner or entrepreneur can easily get overwhelmed by all the new PR speak.

Here's a breakdown of the marketing terms your public relations team is using to promote your business:

5 Digital Marketing Terms You Need to Know

1.  Content Marketing

Content Marketing provides interesting, informativeand targeted information to attract potential customers, typically to your website. Content marketing attempts to educate the consumer, and is not direct sales: it informs the reader to positively influence their view. Content marketing includes strategies to make your content found: such as sharing on social media and blogging.

2. Branding

Your brand is the image or idea that the public associates with your name, your business or your product. Branding uses marketing strategies to shape a public image to show a specific, consistent and recognizable reputation. It's important to note that branding does not always imply a positive image: some business and individuals strive to present a provocative or controversial image to make their product more attractive to their audience.

3. CTA

CTA or Call to Action is a button, message or graphic on your website, email or other digital marketing piece that encourages the reader to take an action. CTAs are critical to your inbound marketing strategy: phrases such as Click Here or Sign Up Today or Calls to Action are strategies to convert a lead to a customer.

4. Keyword

A keyword is a word that potential customers type into a search engine to find information about something such as a business, service or place. As users became more sophisticated, keyphrases are used to perform searches.  As search technology evolves, users have become more comfortable and speak into their smartphone or laptop and ask questions to perform searches, and a single keyword for search is used less frequently.

5.  SEO

SEO or Search Engine Optimization are tools and techniques used to improve websites so that more visitors find and read the content, and to make the website rank higher on search engines. Relevant, quality content that users want to read and share presented in a reader-friendly format with links to authoritative sites are examples of SEO strategies.

Digital marketing is a critical strategy public relations professionals use to promote and build your business. The field of digital marketing is continuously growing and evolving: and so is the digital marketing jargon. For a successful partnership a small business needs to understand the language public relations pros use to build a PR campaign.

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