3 Tips Before You Start Fundraising on Social Media


It's the web — where anyone, anywhere, can donate with the click of a mouse or tap of a smartphone screen — that really increases support on a grassroots level.

~ Mashable

Technology has dramatically changed the ways in which nonprofit organizations connect with donors to increase support and visibility and for fundraising. The power of digital connections and sharing can turn your nonprofit's followers into your advocates and brand ambassadors: and into your fundraising team. It's easy to be inspired by some impressive results nonprofits have had using social media strategies for fundraising such as retweet to donate, online auction or crowdsourcing campaigns. To run a successful fundraising campaign using social media you have to get the basics right.

3 Tips Before You Use Social Media for Fundraising

1. Establish social media fundraising policies

Social media is easy to use and it's free: but incorrectly used it can have serious implications for your nonprofit organization. Social media guidelines and a written fundraising campaign plan will clearly identify your strategy and goal to all stakeholders, identify responsibilities and timelines, and establish objectives and goals. Just because it's free and easy doesn't mean social media is cheap: an investment in time and effort is required to make your social media fundraising campaign a success.

2. Designate a fundraising social media project lead

Every staff member, board member and volunteer should not be allowed to post social media on behalf of your organization. Encourage your team and volunteers to share your posts: but one or two team members knowledgeable about both your organization and how social media works should be designated to plan and execute your fundraising social media strategy. Social media isn't difficult, but it is strategic: just because someone is on social media doesn't qualify them to manage a social media campaign. You don't want your campaign remembered as a #FAIL.

3. Be realistic

For your first fundraising campaign using social media set realistic fundraising goals, and a campaign strategy that is achievable. Your campaign does not need to be on every social media channel, and your first campaign doesn't have to set new fundraising records! Start with manageable goals and make your fundraising campaign a #SUCCESS.

Social media and fundraising are a natural fit. Social media is a powerful tool that has no limits: but also no boundaries. Your nonprofit organization controls what message they send out, but the internet doesn't limit who can receive your message or how they will perceive it. By following some basic social media guidelines and strategies your fundraising campaign can be a big success and help further your cause.

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