6 Digital Marketing Terms You Need to Know


Words that make perfect sense to you and me may come across as a foreign language to some. The best reminder of this is at family get-togethers over a holiday. Do you cringe when you’re asked what you do by a family member? I do – that’s why now I just tell them I’m in marketing.

~ SocialMediaToday

Does Chad Pollitt's quote sound familiar? Do you just give up and answer marketing, or PR, communications when someone asks what you do? But what about when it's your own colleagues who are using social media jargon that you don't understand!

Just when you figured out the difference between a Twitter RT and a PRT (RT is what you add to your tweet to say its a retweet of someone else's tweet, PRT is asking your followers to please retweet), a whole new list of social media shorthand is flooding your inbox!

Here are 6 social media marketing terms you'll want to know:


Content Management System - CMS - is software used to automate the creation, publishing and control of content for your website or blog, such as WordPress or SquareSpace. The advantages of CMS include ease of use, security, templates, plugins, and SEO.


Customer Relationship Management - CRM - is the technology a business uses to interact with their customers and future customers, and track social media campaigns, schedule appointments, documents client preferences, etc. InfusionSoft, Salesforce and other CRMs consolidate and automate information to improve customer relationships.


Search Engine Marketing - SEM - is a strategy to boost the visibility of a website by moving its ranking higher on search engines. Blogging, backlinking, pay-per-click, and SEO are some of the strategies that internet marketers use for SEM.


Search Engine Results Page - SERP - is the results that come back from entering words in a search engine. Google, Bing, Yahoo, YouTube and other search engines use different criteria to determine both organic and paid SERP results.


Social Media Optimization - SMO - uses social media to generate publicity and awareness to improve your ranking in search results. Combined with SEO, SMO strategically drives trafficand recommendations of followers and engaged users on social media channels to personalize and localize information search engines use to determine social rankings.


Social Location Mobile - SoLoMo - is the effort to increase local search results based on a mobile society. FourSquare and Yelp and many shopping apps encourage users to check-in to their location and share their location in order to receive benefits such as discounts or special benefits. GoogleGlass is the latest SoLoMo technology to attempt to combine the local and social experience.

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