Do You Speak Google Plus?


Google brings indomitable power to Google+ -- roughly equal, I'd say, to Apple having Steve Jobs as a CEO

~ Guy Kawasaki: author, evangelist

Is your business on Google Plus? G+ - aka Google + - is the social network of Google, and while never officially launched, G+ has attracted over 540 million active users per month - second only to Facebook. Google runs Google +: so the SEO implications of not being on G+ are staggering: why would you not want to be listed in the largest search engine in the world? So who's on G+? Primarily, businesses. Whether mega-business like Apple or Pepsi, or mom and pops, or solo-preneurs and non-profits every business should have and optimize their Google Plus page. If you have a gmail account (reminder: the g in gmail stands for Google!) you probably already have a G+ page, so you'd better make sure its presenting the image you want to project!

To get started on Google Plus, you need to learn the G+ jargon: Google created a whole new vocabulary that while not intimidating, is definitely unique.

Here are 5 Google Plus terms you need to know


Google organizes people or businesses you are following into circles. You can have as many circles as you want, and name them what you want: Friends, Family, Clients, Prospects, for example.


G+ communities are like forums: some groups are open to anyone, others are by invitation only from the founder. Communities are typically organized around a special interest or theme, and the community rules are established by the moderators. There are thousands of communities on thousands of topics, some with a few members, others with hundreds of thousands. And if you don't find the community you want, you can start your own!


Hangouts are the educational arm of G+. Free hangout video chats are either live or recorded, and can be open to the public or by invitation and rsvp only. Hangouts can be used to provide product introductions or trainings, discuss a specific topic or event, be a closed meeting for your sales team, have a cooking demonstration, or let family members around the world get together and visit. Hangouts can be viewed live via YouTube (also owned by Google) or via Facebook on an app, and can be replayed on demand if they are open to the public.

Plus 1

Plus One, +1, or Plus 1 is how you show that you like or agree or acknowledge a G+ comment or post. (You can also reply or share posts.) The more +1 a post gets, the more people who are engaged with that post. +1s are a sign of popularity and support: which goes straight back to your ranking and SERP results.


Ripples are a measurement of a post's reach or impressions. Just as +1 shows how many people engaged with a post, a ripple lets you see how many people saw the post, plus statistics on how much it was reshared, commented, and if top Google influencers saw the post. The 'ripple effect' demonstrates how popular a post was on Google Plus.

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