IFTTT: Automate Your Social Media Management


Work Smarter, Not Harder

In our highly automated world, do you find yourself spending too much time day in, day out repeating over and over simple social media management chores for tools and apps that just don't talk to each other?

  • post an image on Pinterest, then have to post the same image on Twitter because Pinterest only shares links, not images
  • share an update on Facebook, then share the same update on G+
  • update your company's LinkedIn page, then share that update on your LI personal page

There is a better way, and it's unbelievably simple:

IFTTT is a tool that can improve your productivity by automating some of your social media tasks.

Called recipes, IFTTT are mini-programs that can automate simple cause and effect tasks - no coding required:

if this event occurs on this channel, it will trigger that action to occur on that channel= recipe

(note: IFTTT is not just for social media tasks, recipes can also trigger personal or social actions, such as send a text to your nephew on his birthday.)

To understand the power and simplicity of IFTTT, consider the first mundane social media task listed above:

every time you pin an image on Pinterest, you must post the same image on Twitter

There is an IFTTT recipe that automatically shares your pins to Twitter:

IFTTT pins to Twitter
IFTTT pins to Twitter

To activate a recipe:

  1. choose the recipe
  2. enter the trigger channel
  3. enter the action channel

Now, when I pin an image on Twitter, every 15 minutes IFTTT scans for new pins, and automatically shares them on my Twitter feed. My work is reduced by 50%!

Some IFTTT facts:

  • there are over 110 IFTTT channels, and every week it seems another channel is added. Only authorize the channels you choose to use.
  • you can write your own recipes, such as when the temperature hits 55 you get text that says wear your scarf, and choose to share them, or not
  • thousands of recipes are available and shared on IFTTT, and many thousands more are available on websites and blogs
  • there is a daily email listing the newest and coolest shared recipes
  • IFTTT recipes are available in many languages
  • the IFTTT blog keeps you informed on all the updates

And yes, there's an app to create IFTTT recipes: IFTTT on iTunes or IFTTT for Android.

Do you have a favorite IFTTT recipe? We'd love to hear it.

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