Infographic CVs: Are They Right For You?


An infographic resume enables a job seeker to better visualize his or her career history, education and skills.

~ Mashable

Designing a résumé that stands out from the competition - yet looks professional and not too too gimmicky - has created an entire new field of CV design that includes

  • tweetsumés: your CV summarized on Twitter in 140 characters or a six-second Vine video
  • QR code résumés : a CV including a QR code that links to a video of your qualifications and accomplishments
  • video résumés: usually accompany a traditional CV and offer the recruiter an opportunity to 'meet' the job applicant after reviewing their qualifications
  • infographic CV or portfolio: visually depict your career and skills in an easy to understand and retain image

Job seekers and agencies searching for business in today's competitive market need to stand out from the crowd, demonstrate an understanding of technology and communication trends, and yet at the same time demonstrate an ability to succeed in a structured work environment - in short: be creative enough to stand out, but also a team player who can fit in.

An infographic CV is an opportunity to visually showcase your creativity and talent and communicate your employment historyin an innovative way that provides the background information that employers want to know. An employment recruiter needs to fill the job requirements: but also wants to talk to applicants who know when its smart to be innovative: and are also savvy enough to understand that fact and numbers are still critical job qualifications.

Not every job seeker or business has the technical and design skills to create an engaging infographic, and to understand color, font and scale principles necessary to compose an attractive presentation that communicates a specific message.

How To Create an Infographic CV

1.  Use a design tool

Several tools are available to help design infographic CVs

  • converts your LinkedIn profile to an infographic
  • VisualCV: design and build multi-media CVs, and send them to potential employers
  • ResumUP: visual résumés created from Facebook and LinkedIn profiles that employers can review online or download as text or a PDF

Job seekers are 75% more likely to get noticed with a Visual Resume.

~ ResumUp

2. Hire a graphic designer

Using a commercial tool may result in the thousands of your competitors also using that same tool, and having visual CVs that look alike - the very problem you're trying to overcome with an infographic résumé! Hiring an experienced infographic designer to create a custom infographic CV that is visually appealing and unique can make your résumé stand out from the competition and is an investment in your career or business.

3. Hire a résumé service

A business dedicated to creating CVs and cover letters, and helping job seekers gain a competitive edge offer traditional and innovative résumé services.

Depending on your budget and skillset, designing an infographic CV is an effective strategy for job seekers and agencies to attract positive attention, and get an edge in a competitive business market.

Alchemy Communications designs infographic CVs that are clear and easy to understand, and tell your story. Check out the CV of Kathryn Bechthold, the CEO of Alchemy Communications:

Kathryn Bechthold Alchemy Communications CV
Kathryn Bechthold Alchemy Communications CV

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