Tool Review: Hello Bar


work smarter, not harder

Hello Bar, an attractive announcement banner or message on your website, is a free optimization tool from the smart people at Crazy Egg that directs visitors to your website to your most important content: typically, your CTAs. Released in 2012, Hello Bar is a great tool to get more clicks. Used by sites including and, Hello Bar is unobtrusive and easily installed and managed: you have a website, Hello Bar can help improve the effectiveness of your site:

  • show your website visitors which page on your site they should visit next
  • increase your email subscriber list
  • promote your content using Buffer, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Twitter
  • grow your following on Google+, Pinterest and Twitter
  • A/B test your CTAs and messages

How to Use Hello Bar on Your Website or Blog

1. Create your Hello Bar Account

Create your account, login and choose your settings.

2. Enter the URL you want visitors to use

Choose one page, several pages, or all pages on your site to display your Hello Bar message.

3. Customize your message, colors and size and goal

The look and feel of Hello Bar can be customized for multiple pages on your site, and for mobile devices.

4a. Copy and paste the code onto your site


4b. Download the Hello Bar for WordPress plug-in

Add your Hello Bar code to your website or WordPress blog.

Hello Bar messages can be stopped, ended or re-started at any time.

Watch this video on how to install and use Hello Bar: note: it's a few years old, but better than many of the newer videos, Hello Bar has updates buy you should be able to follow: