Tips for Using Images in Your Blogs


 Articles with images get 94% more total views

Visual marketing grabs attention and communicates a message that is retained longer than text alone. Adding images to your blogs is more likely to get the viewer to read what you say, and reduce your bounce rate. If you're new to using images in your blogs, there are free and easy to use tools that make adding images to your blog simpler and more effective.

1. Search for photos that are approved for use ~ BlogHer

If you are using images from the internet, make sure that you are sourcing images that are free to use, or subscribe to an image subscriptions site where you pay to use that image on your blog.

Sources for free images include

Stock photos sites you can subscribe to - some are by the image, others weekly or annual fees - include

2. Take your own photos

You don't need to be an expert photographer to take and use photos for your blogs. Many mobile phones now have built-in cameras, and there are free and easy to use photo editing toolsand apps that you can use to create collages, add text, crop, or enhance your simple photo. Some free and simple to use photo editing apps are

3. Create images

There are many free and paid tools to design and edit images. Many of the basic free tools also have upgrades to versions with more features and functionality. Some free tools we like are

4. Use screenshots

A screenshot is an excellent way to visually capture and share information on your blog. Using photo imaging tools, you can also edit your screenshot to include

  • arrows and circles
  • text and captions
free screenshot editing tools
free screenshot editing tools

To take a screenshot, just use the prtscr(print screen) key on your keyboard. Free and easy tools for capturing and editing screenshots are

5. Quote makers

Quotes are a great way to add emphasis and authority to your blog post. Instead of just citing  your source in quotation marks, free quote generator tools add an impactful image to your blog. Some free quote generators we use are

articles with images get 94% more views
articles with images get 94% more views

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