5 Tips to Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile


Only 50 percent of LinkedIn profiles are complete
and less than half of all users update their profiles regularly.

~ SocialTimes.com

LinkedIn is the most useful and popular professional network for professionals, entrepreneurs and small business owners to build your brand, network and make B2B and B2C connections. The first information visible on and LinkedIn page is the user's profile: and first impressions are lasting impressions. Most users who get a negative first impression won't bother going any further into your profile!

tip from JoAnne Funch at LinkedIn for Business: Before beginning to edit your profile, turn off the activities broadcast box located under your Privacy & Settings section, to so this you need to uncheck the box.

 How to Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile

1.  Personalize your profile URL

Look at your LinkedIn name: is your profile name www.linkedin.com/in/0123456789 or www.linkedin.com/in/YourName?

To customize your profile URL, go to: https://help.linkedin.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/87/kw/personalize+URL

optimize your LinkedIn profile URL
optimize your LinkedIn profile URL

2.  Choose a professional image

Use a professional photo of yourself that projects the image you want to convey to colleagues, customers and clients.

LinkedIn has said that profiles with photos are x7 more likely to be viewed by others.

3.  Use keywords

In your Headline and Summary descriptions use key words and terms that are commonly used in your industry, to find someone with your skills or services. Remember: users will be entering keyword search terms in the LinkedIn search field to find people who meet the qualifications they need: they don't know you by name.

4.  Update your status

Your profile will show your latests update: If you have not posted an update in months - years? you give the appearance that you are no longer active on LinkedIn. Provide relevant information in your status update to keep your profile appearance active and current.

5. Verify your contact information

The whole point of maintaining a profile on LinkedIn is so you can be contacted. Regularly review your contact informationto make sure it is still accurate and current:

  • email address
  • phone number
  • location

Regularly review and optimize your LinkedIn profile so that it is accurate and current. Even better, ask a friend or colleague to review your LinkedIn profile so you have a fresh perspective on how someone else will see your profile.

This infographic from Visual Loop has 17 LinkedIn Profile Must-Haves

LinkedIn Profile Optimization infographic
LinkedIn Profile Optimization infographic

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