How Do You Measure Your Social Selling ROI?


Sellers who've embraced social media are creating new opportunities that totally bypass traditional sales channels... its about good selling - using all the tools that are available to you today.

~ Jill Konrath, author and speaker

Social selling is when sales people use social media to communicate directly with their prospects by offering valuable content and answering questions to increase sales (HubSpot).

72.6% of salespeople who use social media outperform their colleagues who aren’t using it

~ TopDog Social Media

Whether you choose free or paid social media channels for your business's social selling, there are real costs for social selling success:

  • designing a social selling strategy
  • creating content for your strategy
  • social listening
  • engaging with fans, followers and leads
  • measuring and evaluating social selling metrics

Each social media platform has different opportunities and benefits for interacting with current and potential clients. These social selling opportunities include:

  • free and freemium social network options
  • paid advertising
  • sponsored or promoted content

Determining which social network is the best choice to reach your current and potential customers is critical for B2B and B2C business. Your social selling strategy must be re-evaluated at least annually because social networks are continuously evolving.

  • LinkedIn - the best social network to connect directly with decision makers (TopDog Social Media)
  • Pinterest - the fastest growing social media network in history (InsideView)
  • Facebook - with 2 billion active users, Facebook is the 2nd most trafficked website in the world. All that content on your Facebook page is good for Google SEO (Mari Smith)
  • Google + - Google owns search, and G+ is presently used primarily for B2B

Marketers are creating opportunities to engage and sell on other social platforms:

This infographic by Sales for Life shares expert opinions on social selling:

social selling in 2014
social selling in 2014

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