Behind the Scenes: How to Organize a Photoshoot with MAX Effects Naturals


A photoshoot is a photographic session where multiple photos are taken of a model or product to convey a specific message. Alchemy Communications recently did a photoshoot with ME Candids, here are some tips for organizing your own photoshoot. All photos are from the Alchemy Communications photoshoot with MAX effects naturals.

How to Organize a Photoshoot

1.  Pick a Theme or Concept

What is your inspiration for this photoshoot? Why are you shooting this campaign? Who are you trying to reach? Where will these photos be shown?

2. Set Your Budget

If your client has a budget, review the budget and make sure it's realistic to meet the client's goals: and includes all the budget items that are needed to plan and execute the photoshoot. If the budget is $0 or close to, search for free photographers and models who will work in order to build their resume:

  • modeling and photography schools are a good source for talent
  • social media can help spread the word that you're looking for photographers or models

Be sure everyone signs a model and photographer release, and live up to your commitment to deliver photos, performance reviews, or references and testimonials to unpaid talent.

3.  Choose Your Team

A great photoshoot concept will go nowhere unless you have a great team to execute the plan.

  • who is your photographer?
  • who are the models?
  • who is doing makeup and hair and wardrobe?
  • who is scouting the location and booking the team and coordinating the schedule?
  • who is the day of shoot go-fer?

You may have a photographer you've worked with before, or need to recruit a new photographer. Your client may have models they use for all their campaigns, or you may need to source the models. Are you personally managing the photoshoot, or is someone on your team or the client's team organizing the project. A lot of small details go into a good photoshoot, and whether you handle them all personally or you're able to assign them out, a photoshoot checklist is the best way to make sure no detail is forgotten.

4. Choose Your Location

The location of your photoshoot will set the mood and atmosphere the day of the shoot. A studio location can have much simpler logistics, but a location shoot can add more atmosphere and authenticity - and also problems with weather, traffic and other uncontrollable factors. Make sure you have the right equipment and team for:

  • inside or outside photoshoot
  • daytime or nighttime photoshoot
  • crowd control or wardrobe changes

5. When Will You Shoot the Campaign

Choose the date and time for your photoshoot.

  • Know the lead times if your photos are going to appear in print
  • How much time does the photographer need for post-production editing and processing?

6. Communicate the Plan

A lot of money, creativity and talent goes into a photoshoot. You may have every detail worked out perfectly: but if everyone on the photoshoot team doesn't know your plan, then the photoshoot won't happen as planned. Technology is your friend: the most efficient way to communicate your plan to everyone is to develop a photoshoot team contact list, and make sure everyone on the team receives all communications.

A photoshoot is a great opportunity to showcase your product and creativity, and to connect with your target market. A successful photoshoot takes considerable planning and preparation to execute, but is worth the effort!

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