Tool Review: Share Tally


For anyone serious about building their online presence or help grow their businesses’ reach online, social media analytics tools are essential.

~ VentureBeat

We spend a lot of time on social media sharing original and curated content: and its nice to know if anyone is actually reading our posts! There are many analytical tools for measuring social media activity -but it can be frustrating having to check multiple sites and reports to find out if your content is being read. But sometimes all you need is a simple status check to determine if your social strategy is getting noticed.

Share Tally is a free tool that quickly and easily checks how many times a URL has been shared on social media. For example, if you posted a blog last week and can see from your plugin that you've had 4 Tweets and 2 Facebook shares, but you don't know if your blog was pinned, posted on G+, or Scooped - Share Tally presently tallies 22 social media sites - Share Tally can deliver your social media share stats in seconds.

Share Tally is easy to use:

  1. enter the URL in the Share Tally field
  2. press Tally

That's it! Share Tally can easily tell you how many times your URL has been shared, plus itemize where those shares occurred.

share tally is a free tool to count social media shares
share tally is a free tool to count social media shares

Now that you're tracking your social media analytics, use your social media share stats to:

  • improve your social media engagement
  • make marketing decisions
  • tie social media to your bottom line

Solid social media statistics should be used to monitor, manage and improve your business.

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