10 Tips from PR Pros


Who do you follow on Twitter? We follow some brilliant PR gals and guys; here are a few of their genius #PRtips we found on Twitter:

Genius PR Tweets

1. Christina Daves@PRforAnyone

Your website, blog, FB, Twitter, etc. are your calling card. Make them #awesome#PRTIP

2. Symone PR  @SymonePR

A lesson for #PRPros: take the time to determine precisely what’s behind a hashtag: http://bit.ly/XejeEn#PRTips

3.  Katie Bromley@KatieRBromley

Write for people first, then SEO. #PRTip

4. The PR Princess@thePRprincesss


Dress for success This applies to networking, interviews & anything else that involves your professional life. Dress the part. #PRtip#PR

5. Allyn Lewis@allyn_lewis

“Every good pitch has a hook – like a song, there should be something that gets stuck in your head.” #PRtip#PR101pic.twitter.com/8Zwf0bIp7B

PR tips
PR tips

6. Montage PR@MontagePR

#Branding is all about creating lasting impressions in the minds of consumers. The easiest way to do so it to be consistent! #PRTip

7.  Anderson Media Group @TAMGPR

#PRtip Be polite and respectful to media at all times; that one certain person could make or break you down the line ; ) #PRTips#media

8.  Lisa Devaney & Group@HaiMediaGroup

#PRtips 4 #StartUps by @ericaswallow "Before you start pitching, think about what is truly newsworthy for publications you’re targeting."

9. Cyndy Hoenig@CyndyHoenig

The most effective weapon in your marketing arsenal is the "Share" button. #PRTips#PRRockStarhttp://bit.ly/1jH1pHt

10. Tale Spin PR@TaleSpin_PR

PR depends upon listening to the conversation & understanding the who, what, when, where, why and how of engaging in the discussion #PRtips

Whether you're a seasoned PR Pro or new to public relations, PR is continuously evolving. Stay current with PR trends and topics on Twitter: just validate that you're following the PR real deals.

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