Did You Deliver a Great Speech? 3 Ways to Repurpose Your Presentation


You have been asked to deliver a speech or presentation to your professional group, investors, schools or a community organization. You may have hired a speech writing professional to assist you, or spent hours researching your topic. Perhaps this is your first presentation, or you have a file full of presentations you've given. Considerable work goes into writing, rehearsing and delivering a presentation. Whether your presentation was 5 minutes, or 55 minutes, chances are once its finished, it's over. For most presenters there are no reporters in the audience, waiting to broadcast your message across the internet. It's up to you share your knowledge, grow your brand and establish yourself a subject matter expert by repurposing your presentation to reach a broader audience.

3 Strategies to Repurpose Your Speech

1. Post your Presentation on SlideShare

SlideShare is an easy-to-use site for sharing your presentations, PowerPoints, webinars, videos and other professional documents. SlideShare is owned by LinkedIn, so if you're on LinkedIn, expand your reach by posting your presentations on this social media platform. SlideShare ranks in the top 120 most-visited websites on the world, with 60 million unique visitors in a month and 215 million page views. SlideShare just launched an app last week, making it easier to use and more accessible to your audience.

Convert your speech into a SlideShare presentation, and share it on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and other networks. You can even restrict your presentation to a private audience.


~ SlideShare 101 from Amit Ranjan

2. Submit Your Speech to Industry Blogs and Newsletters

Websites, agencies, and bloggers frequently welcome articles from guest bloggers and guest authors on topics of interest to their audience. What blogs and newsletter do you subscribe to? Review their sites for guest blogger guidelines, and see if your topic is of interest to their audience. Then edit your speech to meet the blog's guidelines, submit your article as a guest blogger, and enjoy the benefits of growing your audience!

3. Record and Post Your Speech as a Podcast

Do you have a file full of old presentations that you have delivered to applause and praise, but are now just gathering dust? Did you just deliver your first speech, and discovered you like presenting? Podcasts are a way to repurpose your presentation into an online audio presentation that can spread your message and grow your audience. Podcasting is popular for people to listen to on the go, and are typically freely accessed through podcast channels such as iTunes or posted on websites or YouTube. Depending on your needs, podcasting can easily be done at home with free tools, or you can invest in equipment to deliver upgraded podcast broadcasts.

If you haven't yet delivered your presentation, ask someone on the organizing committee or a friend or colleague to video some or all of your presentation. A high quality smartphone can record a nice intro to your podcast, or be posted on YouTube and other social media channels with links to your podcast.

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