Tool Review: Google Primer App - PR and Marketing Basics


Entrepreneurs, small business owners, startups and nonprofits who are launching a business have a new free tool from Google: PrimerPrimer offers simple to understand, jargon-free lessons in online marketing and PR. For the launch, Primer for iPhone covers 3 three topics:

  1. content marketing
  2. PR and media
  3. search advertising

Google promises more topics will come in the future, and the website has an option to request topics.

Marketing and PR lessons in 5 minutes - or Less

1. Mini Marketing Lessons

Designed as public relations and marketing information for beginners, Primer offers short, easy to comprehend and basic marketing lessons and tips to promote your business, get more customers and avoid common mistakes. Primer uses short, easy to understand lessons that are covered in less than 5 minutes:

  • case studies
  • insider tips
  • interactive quizzes and practice sessions
  • optional email sign-up for additional activities

2.  Industry Expert Advice

Google partnered with marketing professionals in each content area to develop the lessons.

3. On the Go Info

Once you've downloaded the Primer app, you can use it offlinewhere you can't get a signal, such as subway, on planes, or in elevators.

Google Primer screenshots
Google Primer screenshots

Google Primer Screenshots:

 Google Primer is free on iTunes and will be released for Androids soon.

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