Trends in NonProfit Fundraising


Early adopters of new trends in nonprofit fundraising have rapidly seen fundraising innovations become mainstream. In 2012 social media was an exciting new opportunity for nonprofits to raise funds and gain supporters; but in less than two years social media has dramatically changed the ways in which nonprofit organizations communicate with and recruit donors and supporters.

Top 3 Fundraising Trends for NonProfits

1. Crowdfunding

Crowdfunding is extremely effective by emotionally impacting donors to donate money immediately and directly to a cause because they feel a personal connection. The trust and reach of new media appeals to donors who are searching for more transparency in nonprofit fundraising, and prefer the visibility of crowdfunding over more traditional nonprofit development campaigns.

Crowdfunding is particularly attractive to younger donors who are looking for a more direct connection to the causes and people they’re supporting.

~ Katherina M. Rosqueta, Center for High Impact Philanthropy

2. Technology

The reach, immediacy and popularity of technology continues to positively impact nonprofit fundraising. Technology has increased the success of nonprofit fundraising including:

  • media and public response to crowdfunding campaigns via social networks
  • viral campaign and crisis messaging via social media
  • online donation payment software

4 out of 5 fundraisers feel that better technology leads to fundraising success.

~ 2014 Fundraising Technology Trends

3. Brand Ambassadors

The voices of donors, supporters and volunteers have become increasingly impactful for nonprofits as they voluntarily adopt or accept the role of online brand ambassador to help spread the word about their chosen causes on social media. The challenge for nonprofits is to recruit, train and manage paid and unpaid brand ambassadors to ensure a consistent message:

  • please retweet is a successful strategy for an organization's fans or a celebrity on Twitter to spread the word about their cause to their own followers
  • when an organization gets Likes on Facebook that Like is shared in the newsfeeds of their Facebook friends
  • the speed and reach of a positive or negative message from a trusted source going viral requires a solid plan in place before a fundraising campaign launches

92% of people trust recommendations from friends and family

~ Nielsen

Nonprofit fundraising has increased opportunities and challenges as the public becomes increasingly involved in promoting fundraising campaigns. New generations of donors and supporters are changing the ways nonprofits interact with the public and the ways the public can demonstrate support for their causes.

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