3 Tips on Building Relationships with Journalists

Relationship building is an invaluable skill. If you have strong relationships with the right people in your industry, you’ll have no problem boosting your business. When it comes to the world of media, developing relationships with journalists is key.

Here are three tips to help you connect authentically:

1. Read a journalist’s work

If you think that sending a generic pitch to every media outlet in the city is going to get you tons of traction every time, you are sadly mistaken. The first step in showing a journalist that you are interested in more than just getting your story out there, is reading their work. Once you have an understanding of what kind of stories the journalist covers, send a personalized email and demonstrate why you are sending your story to them. If you can make a connection between their past work and your pitch, you are more likely to get the coverage you desire.

2. Start a conversation on Twitter

Most journalists enjoy interacting with their fans online. Again, you want to show journalists that you have an invested interest in the work they do. A simple retweet, favorite, or reply can help you get on the journalist’s radar. If you find that your relationship begins to develop through Twitter, don’t be afraid to try an innovative approach by direct messaging your pitch.

3. Know that journalists are human

Journalists are walking, talking, breathing, thinking individuals and we have to treat them like we would any other person in our life. If you’re looking to build a relationship, go sip some cocktails after work, or squeeze in a coffee date. Talk about anything, other than business. It’s okay to crack a joke and show some personality from time to time. Knowing when to take off your professional hat will allow genuine relationships to develop effortlessly.

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