5 Ways to Use Twitter for Your PR Campaign

Twitter for PR campaigns
Twitter for PR campaigns

Twitter just released an important update to its Retweet feature: manual Retweet with comment, or 'quote Tweet'. Quote Tweet is a useful feature to insert your thoughts or message into someone else's post: in a sense, newsjacking their Tweet. Twitter's popularity and ease of use make it a popular tool to share and get information. Crafting a meaningful Twitter post in 140 characters can be challenging: a post that is too cute or too encrypted is too easily ignored. Creating and participating in Twitter conversations is a free, friendly and strategic way to start conversations and build relationships about an event, person or product. Its easy to use Twitter for your PR campaign: but its not as easy to use Twitter effectively for your PR campaign.

How to Use Twitter as a PR Tool

1. Retweet an influencer to get on their radar

Gain visibility and support from a public figure or influencer and their followers by Retweeting their post, or Retweet with comment. When you add your personal comment to a Retweet, you build buzz and visibility: hopefully the person you're retweeting will see your retweet, as well as their followers. Your goals it get your PR campaign noticed and your message to go viral - listening to and engaging influencers including celebrities, thought leaders and media then commenting on and retweeting their posts is a decisive way to get into the conversation.

2. Embed images

PR is all about storytelling: and Twitter encourages users to share their story with words and images or videos. One or up to 4 images can be attached to any Twitter post. Your image can show words, pictures, links, hashtags - whatever you need to promote your PR campaign. Optimal Twitter image size is 880 x 440 pixels.

Note: attaching images to a Tweet uses some of the maximum 140 characters allowed per tweet.

You can also attach images to a direct message to a specific Twitter user.

3. Tag and mention other Twitter users

Your PR campaign can gain visibility and attract supporters by tagging or mentioning specific Twitter users in your posts. Tags are used when tweeting an image, mentions are in the body of the post. Not only will the person or organization you tag or mention see your post, your post will show in the feed of all their Twitter followers.

4. Monitor reputation and trends

Listening on Twitter is an easy and time sensitive strategy to track public opinion of an event, individual or brand's reputation and interactions. Real-time information provides an opportunity to intervene and head-off a potential PR problem, or to monitor public opinion in a crisis. If you're talking about your PR campaign on Twitter, but no one else is, that's your signal to reroute your campaign strategy.

5. Live reporting via #s

Hashtags (#) are a Twitter tool that to organize and track Tweets. PR can start conversations, participate in ongoing and live-report an event by creating a unique hashtag for a PR campaign. If you hold a special event, encourage all your supporters to use the event hashtag to gain visibility for your campaign.

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