10 Free Tools for NonProfits


Managing a nonprofit organization requires intense fiscal responsibility to assure that donated funds are directed to your cause, and not to running the organization. There are many free tools available online, but not all free tools are useful. Here are 10 free tools that can help nonprofit organizations manage their business and promote their cause.

Free Tools for Nonprofits

1.  Google for Nonprofits offers free or discounted programs and grants to nonprofit organizations that meet their criteria, and offers tips and case studies for nonprofits to meet their goals using Google products. Google programs support nonprofit activities including:

  • building online visibility with Google Adwords
  • networking and conversations with colleagues, supporters and community on Google +
  • video and visual storytelling using YouTube
  • online traffic and interactions with Google Analytics
  • website and online visibility by Get Your Business Online and Google Sites
  • document collaboration and storage using Google Docs and Google Forms
  • fundraising with Google Wallet

2 and 3.  VerticalResponse is an email service and social media marketing provider that offers up to 10,000 free emails per month, and 15% discount to nonprofits who send larger volumes. MailChimp for Nonprofits also offers 12,000 free emails per month to 2000 names and 15% discount.

4.  Amazon Wish List for Nonprofits is a free tool to let Amazon's millions of customers know what products and services your nonprofit needs, offer them an easy way to make a donation of money or product to your organization, and have it delivered directly to you.

5.  Microsoft Office 365 offers their suite of office productivity tools free or significantly discounted to nonprofit organizations in over 90 countries.

6.  JustCoz.org is a way to spread your organization's message via Twitter: supporters can 'donate' one Tweet every day to promote your cause, increase donations and grow support.

7. Bluehost offers free shared web hosting packages to nonprofit organizations in partnership with Grassroots.org.

8.  SurveyMonkey provides an online survey tool with free subscription for up to 10 questions with 100 responses.

9. SproutSocial is a social media management system that offers a free to 50% discount to nonprofits who are members of Grassroots.org.

10.  WooBox has marketing tools to build social engagement and grow your fanbase with contests, coupons and sweepstakes; and offers a free plan with 6 marketing  apps.

Technology delivers efficiencies and can be critical in helping your nonprofit cause. Unfortunately, technology also can be a significant financial investment. What free tools and resources does your nonprofit organization use?