Want More Clicks? Optimize Your Tweets with Twitter Cards


Twitter Cards allow you to add far more content to your title and description, as well as bigger images. This means more exposure, more space to get your message across, and increased clicks to your site.

~ Kim Garst, social media expert

Do you sometimes wonder if anyone is reading your Tweets? You spend time crafting the perfect clever 140 character post... then... nothing?

Do you want more clicks? Twitter cards are a free tool that allows users to interact with your business directly from Twitter: they look like an image or an ad, attached to your post. They make your post stand out in the Twitter stream, so users are more likely to read and click. Here's an example of a post by Kim Garst using Twitter cards:

Twitter Card by Kim Garst
Twitter Card by Kim Garst

Twitter cards are your call to action: they can drive traffic to your website and grow your business, such as:

  • watch YouTube videos or SlideShare or Vines
  • sign up for an email
  • visit a website
  • read a blog post
  • download an app
  • display a full-size photo or graphic

Twitter has cards for 10 different types of user experiences including photos, apps, and videos. Statistics are proving that users like Twitter cards :

  • posts with website cards have +43% engagement.
  • lead generation cards get +42% engagement
  • tweets with rich media get +313% engagement and +52% more retweets

Twitter has cards for 10 different types of experiences including photos, apps, and videos. There are 3 different ways to install Twitter cards:

  1. add code to your website: see the Twitter cards developer page
  2. for website and lead generation cards go to the Twitter Ads Dashboard to make them (note: these are paid Twitter ads)
  3. if you have a WordPress.org site there are plugins to install Twitter cards, Twitter recommends 3 Twitter card plugins: Jetpack, JM Twitter Cards and WordPress SEO by Yoast

Once you've designed your Twitter card, you have to get Twitter's approval to to use the Twitter card via their Card Validator (think of it like getting Facebook ad approval). Twitter says getting card approval could take up to a week, but most users says its usually less than a day to get approval.

You still need to design compelling posts so users want to click on your Twitter card. Once you've started using Twitter cards, you can measure your success with Twitter Card Analytics.

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Kathryn Bechthold CEO Alchemy Communications
Kathryn Bechthold CEO Alchemy Communications

author: Kathryn Bechthold, Communications expert in Calgary, AB. Owner/CEO of Alchemy Communications Inc,