How Millennials Connect with NonProfits

NonProfits and Millennials


Millennials connect with nonprofits who provide quality information via mobile devices, websites. social media and emails. Gen Y responds best to a multi-channel marketing strategy. These stats on how millennials connect with nonprofit organizations will help you understand how to approach Gen Y for fundraising and support.

How NonProfits Connect with Millennials – The Facts

83% of millennials own smartphones

80% prefer nonprofits to have mobile-friendly websites

59% like headlines that link to more information

50% are annoyed when they can’t easily find contact information

60% like to hear stories about successful projects

69% don’t like being constantly asked for money on social

75% Like, share or retweet social content

39% prefer informal interactions on social media

51% of millennials have visited a nonprofit website and connected with them on social media

45% of Gen Y have donated to a nonprofit via a website

52% have responded to a nonprofit email by donating money or singing a pledge

70% of millennials said their pet peeve with millennials is too many emails

74% said their top dissatisfaction with nonprofit websites is outdated information

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