3 Nonprofits That Are KILLING It On Instagram


Fundraising and promoting your cause on social media has been around as long as, well, social media! Many nonprofits were a little slow to jump on the social media band wagon, but today social media marketing is a critical part of any not-for-profit's marketing strategy. Unfortunately the digital world is full of failed social media campaigns, mainly because organizations did not do their homework before starting their campaign

Instagram is a photosharing app and may be the ideal social channel for nonprofits to find their audience and promote their cause. Some of the reasons nonprofits are using Instagram are:

  • IGers love visuals, and photos and videos are ideal to tell your story 
  • Instagram's audience is growing across all demographics
  • Posts are IRT - in real time: you need to be posting on IG when your audience is on Instagram
  • Instagram is mobile friendly; in fact, its difficult to post from your desktop!
  • Users can easily engage, with hearts (Likes), comments, re-shares and tags
  • Its easy to convert your followers into advocates with hashtag campaigns that promote sharing

Nonprofit organizations are using Instagram to target their audience, build their following, promote their cause and fundraise.

3 Nonprofits That Are Killing It On Instagram

1.  FEED Foundation

FEED sells fair labor products to raise money to fight hunger and feed the world. Customers love their products: and love the images showing the good results of their purchases. 


2. Giving Tuesday

#GivingTuesday is a global day dedicated to giving back. Only four years old, Giving Tuesday is a way for individuals, communities, business and organizations to come together on one day to give back.


3.  Girl Scouts

Parents want their daughters to be inspired on social media channels that children want to visit. The Girl Scouts are showing inspiring stories that teach kids they can have fun and do good.


Nonprofit organizations can build their following, educate the public and raise funds for their cause on Instagram. To be successful on Instagram, nonprofits must commit to:

  • share their story
  • engage with their audience
  • provide a CTA - call to action
  • be authentic

How is your nonprofit succeeding on Instagram?