What's Blab - and Why Is Everyone Talking About It?

How to Use Blab for Business

Have you tried Blab yet? Its a live streaming app - it's been called the lovechild between Google Hangouts and Periscope - and an easy way to interact with your audience. Its like having your own TV talk show! Blab.im is catching a lot of interest from marketers, for some very good reasons:

  • Its interactive: audience engagement is the #1 reason viewers and marketers are flocking to Blab.
  • Blab is easy to use - manage, watch and participate in Blabs from your iPhone or your desktop (sign up for Blab through Twitter). The design is simple to understand.
  • Blabs can be watched live, or recorded and watched later as Replays.
  • Big names are jumping on the Blab bandwagon - Donald Trump Blabbed!
  • Up to 4 people can lead the conversation (and you can switch which 4 at any time), and your audience can participate and ask questions.
  • All Blabs are public - so you can attract new viewers.
  • Blab length is controlled by you - many popular Blabs are 60 minutes long and many are longer!

Blab is still in beta version: but the developers are promising lots of exciting new features, including interaction with other social media channels and support on Androids and other devices. 

Blab is an easy to use app to have fun - but businesses are quickly jumping on the bandwagon and using Blab to boost their online visibility and reach their audience.

5 Ways to Use Blab For Your Business

1. Podcast with a Q&A

If you have a podcast, you can use Blab to create a video podcast with live audience Q & A - your podcasts become interactive! Businesses who don't have time to blog are turning to Blab to deliver live video chats that connect with more viewers than their online blog.

Blabs can be saved, uploaded and viewed on your podcast channel or YouTube channel.

2. Live on-air product announcements, press releases and presentations

Broadcast your PR event and deliver your message around the world. The Replay option lets your announcement be viewed later (unlike Periscope, which is only available for replay for 1 day). You have the option to open your Blab for live questions from your viewers. 

3. Engage with viewers and your community

Blabs Q&A feature allows you to interact with your audience, tell them about your products and invite them to follow your business on social media. Blab is a face-to-face connection with your audience that allows you to interact with multiple people at the same time.

4. Product demonstrations and trainings

Blab is an effective teaching tool:

  • demonstrate how your latest product works
  • give cooking or yoga classes 
  • teach your followers a new skill
  • deliver a webinar
  • train your customers 
  • povide 1:1 client coaching

Blab is perfect for training your team or your customers because it allows them to interact with you and ask questions during the live stream, and you can answer their questions while you're broadcasting.

5. Live event participation outside your office

Using the app, Blab lets you interact and broadcast live without lots of special equipment. Using your smartphone, you can take viewers to your event, your community or your locations:

  • show the action at your outdoors fundraising event
  • interview speakers at your annual meeting
  • broadcast a speech you're delivering
  • invite an author to participate in your virtual book club
  • live auctions and fundraising events

Note: While users are praising the reliability of the Blab app, quality of your broadcast depends on your internet connection and how skilled you are at filming with your smart phone.

Social Media Examiner has simple step-by-step directions for joining Blab and hosting your first Blab.

How is your business using Blab? Tell us in the comments below!

tips to use Blab for business