7 Reasons Why NonProfits Should be On LinkedIn


With over 300 million members, LinkedIn is a social media platform for professionals and businesses to grow their network and knowledge base. Nonprofit organizations can promote their cause and engage their supporters by creating a free LinkedIn Company Page or Group. A Company Page lets your nonprofit post status updates, share news, find volunteers, grow your community, and stay in touch with your followers; a Group will let your supporters connect and interact on topics relevant to your nonprofit.

7 Ways for NonProfits to Use LinkedIn

1. LinkedIn for Nonprofits

LinkedIn makes it easy for nonprofits to understand and use their platform with LinkedIn for Nonprofits, which is dedicated to helping nonprofit organizations 

  • create and optimize Company Pages
  • recruit volunters, employees and supporters 
  • learn tips and resources to maximize LinkedIn for their nonprofit's specific needs

Invite your supporters to follow your LinkedIn Company Page, and encourage your employees, volunteers and supporters to link to your Page on their Profiles. 

2. Your supporters are on LinkedIn

LinkedIn members are encouraged to list their causes and volunteer activites on their profile. If your nonprofit has a Company Page on LinkedIn your supporters, employees, donors, volunteers and board members can link to your profile and your logo will appear on their profile, and help build your reputation and network and grow your influence.

3. Find volunteers and supporters

Use LinkedIn status updates and Jobs to recruit volunteers and supporters for your nonprofit with a nonprofit jobs 90% discount.

LinkedIn for Nonprofits jobs

4. Your fundraising prospects are likely to be on LinkedIn

According to The NonProfit Times

Your prospects are already using it. LinkedIn users generally skew older, are highly educated and have higher incomes than most other social media platforms. Almost half of LinkedIn users have salaries more than $100,000 per year, and the average salary is $83,000, more than three times the average salary of Facebook users. Your next major donor prospect could already be in your network.

5.  LinkedIn Pulse is an opportunity to amplify your message

Pulse is LinkedIn's new publishing platform that is rapidly becoming the premiere content sharing, news and information site for professionals and companies. Self-publishing your content on LinkedIn Pulse where it can be seen and shared by your supporters and staff is a great opportunity to widen your audience and increase your online visibility.

6.  Research and engage with other nonprofits 

LinkedIn is a great opportunity to reasearch what other nonprofits are doing to build your own arsenal of ideas, and to meet and engage with other nonprofits to share ideas and resources.

7.  Become an industry thought leader

By sharing your knowledge through a LinkedIn Company Page, posting regular updates on LinkedIn, publishing on Pulse, and contributing to Groups and Answers, you establish your organization as a Subject Matter Expert (SME) and industry thought leader.

LinkedIn is an effective and strategic platform for your nonprofit organization to spread your message and build your audience. A free Company Page and LinkedIn's tools and resources are the first steps for your nonprofit to benefit from this powerful resource.