Free eBook: How to Develop a Communications Strategy for Your Nonprofit

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Not for profit organizations have limited resources and time to promote their cause and achieve their goals. Creating a communications strategy optimizes your time, amplifies your message and maximizes your resources.

A communications strategy defines who, what, when, where, how and why your organization communicates with your audience.

A communications strategy is a critical tool to help nonprofit organizations share their vision, engage with their audience and deliver a consistent message. A strategic communications plan that is reviewed and updated annually will help your nonprofit achieve your goals and identify additional opportunities - and potential pitfalls.

  • Every nonprofit has unique needs and goals.
  • Nonprofit organizations compete for resources, money, volunteers, media and other community support.
  • Many nonprofits have vocal, political or community opposition.

Alchemy’s eBook is designed to provide skills and knowledge that you can start using immediately to increase your nonprofit’s effectiveness:

  1. 10 Steps to Develop a Nonprofit Communications Strategy
  2. How to Create a Media Plan
  3. Why You Need a Social Media Policy and How to Implement One
  4. Crisis Communications Planning
  5. Critical Components of A Communications and Marketing Calendar

10 Steps to Develop a Nonprofit Communications Plan

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