Nonprofit Communications Strategy: The Mission Statement (free eBook)


For profit marketers often call their mission statement a brand positioning statement - Does your not for profit organization have - or even need - a mission statement? A mission statement is not your slogan: according to the Harvard Business Review, many nonprofits misuse their mission statement:

An effective mission statement must be a clear description of where an organization is headed in the future that distinctly sets it apart from other entities and makes a compelling case for the need it fills. Furthermore, this mission must be short, memorable and appropriate for a variety of organizational stakeholders including, for example, employees, funding sources, served constituencies and the Board of Trustees.

~ Harvard Business Review

Donors, supporters, volunteers look for them. Indeed, they should be right up front on your website, in your annual report, and in your fundraising materials.


Document your organization's mission: What do you do, for whom, and why?

A mission statement is a brief description of a company's fundamental purpose. It answers the question, "Why do we exist?"

The mission statement articulates the company's purpose both for those in the organization and for the public.

~ Small Business Info Canada

It is essential that your nonprofit organization’s mission statement clearly identify your purpose so that people who are not associated with your organization can easily understand:

  • what you do
  • who you do it for
  • what you want to achieve

This chart from Nonprofit Hub shows how to create a good mission statement:


Your mission statement is one of the most important documents you will write for your nonprofit. Investing the time and resources to create a clear and compelling mission statement is critical to the success of nonprofit organizations. 

How to Develop a Communications Strategy for Your Nonprofit

A communications strategy defines who, what, when, where, how and why your organization communicates with its audiences. Alchemy Communications' free eBook helps not for profits with limited resources and time to promote their cause and achieve their goals. Creating a communications strategy optimizes your time, amplifies your message and maximizes your resources.

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