Portfolio Spotlight: Ranger Homes - Life After the Flood of 2013


The 2013 floodwaters left many homeowners completely defeated in Calgary, Alberta, but for one Bowness couple leaving the place they had chosen as home was not an option.  The homeowners were forced to demolish what was left of their home and begin thinking about how to rebuild their lives. They had a general concept for their new home which included a fully flood mitigated single-family dwelling, well above the 1 in 100 year flood level. They needed a builder that could design, engineer and construct this unique house.

After meeting with Ranger Homes, the couple knew they had found a match and by December 2014 construction began.

“Ranger Homes built us a very beautiful and unique home. The process was transparent with extensive pre-planning that made sure we met our goal of a fully flood mitigated home within our budget and our time frame to completion. Ranger Home's construction team was full of skilled professionals. They also offered extra creativity to the finished product.

After consulting other homebuilders, we choose Ranger Homes because our project demanded the ability to think and create outside the box of "normal building," and the resources and expertise to execute the plan. We had to demolish our old home after the flood disaster in 2013. We had looked at all of the options for a new home, living beside a big river, and decided that hindsight is the best insight to foresight, so we choose to build a house on pilings (no more basement). This kind of foundation construction is not common in our area (however it should be), and required a different approach. Ranger Homes to the rescue!!

Ranger Homes, who are led by the husband and wife team of Andy and Emily Kolaczek, have extensive engineering backgrounds together with years of residential building experience. They were a perfect fit for our project. We had a lot of very specific design requirements for both inside and outside, including having the main floor of the home well above the 1/100 year flood level and Ranger Homes delivered in great detail. From the time the pre-planning began and then when the construction started, there was never a lapse of activity on the site and the building was completed right on the target date. Since we have taken possession of the home, Andy and Emily and any of the trades that worked on the home have made themselves available to us for any questions or follow up. They have all been professional and gracious in every way from start to finish.'

Our new home is stunning in every detail and most of all, safe.
We highly recommend Ranger Homes.

~ Ranger Homes’ Bowness Client

About Ranger Homes

Ranger Homes is a professional building company specializing in innovative and original homes. Our primary focus is on new custom homes and designs in inner city communities. While we are very proud of our own designs we are open to working with a designer of your choice. We are a small company therefore we only take on a few projects each year to ensure they receive our full attention. We guarantee that our standards of integrity, quality, and innovation influence every step of our process. 

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