Infographic Design Checklist (free download)


Visual content is highly ranked on social media: a quality infographic can increase your SEO efforts and target traffic to your website. Infographics are an ideal way for small businesses and nonprofits to communicate complex data to their readers.

It can be challenging for small businesses and nonprofits to find the time and resources to create professional looking infographics that bring people to your website. 

Our free Infographic Design Checklist has 10 must-dos to design, publish and promote your infographic.

Infographic Design Checklist:

  1. Gather your data
  2. Choose an infographic template or theme: colors, fonts, layout
  3. Enter your data into the infographic
  4. Add design elements: shapes, images, icons
  5. Create a blog to support and market your infographic's data and sources
  6. Insert a footer with your contact info, logo, and URL / link to the blog 
  7. Save as a PDF 
  8. Download to required social media file format
  9. Publish
  10. Promote and share your infographic on social media

Free Download: Infographic Design Checklist