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Content Marketing provides interesting, informative and targeted information to attract potential customers to your website. Content marketing attempts to educate the consumer, and is not direct sales: it informs the reader to positively influence their view. Content marketing includes strategies so your content is found: including sharing on social media and blogging. 

What is Content Marketing?

Every small business has heard the same advice:

  • you need to be online
  • you need a blog
  • you have to be on social media
  • you need to use keywords
  • you need to be more visual

But the advice small business owners really need to hear is:

You need a content marketing strategy

Content marketing is the foundation for driving traffic to your website to increase engagement and build relationships that convert to sales. Every business' content marketing strategy should be unique: just as your business is unique. What works for your business may not work for the business next door. To evaluate if your content works you need a plan with definable goals.

Alchemy’s free content marketing eBook will help you define and strategize your content and delivery plan so you always have a fresh content stream, and can plan ahead for seasonal business, special events, and busy seasons when you're just too busy to be developing fresh content:

  • Creating a Content Culture
  • Getting Past Writer's Block and Finding Your Rhythm
  • Increasing Speed, Ease and Efficiency
  • Refining Your Content Creating Processes
  • Iterating, Improving and Experimenting

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