Creating a Content Culture


If you want your business to become a content creation machine, a strong company culture can make all the difference. In a content culture, content lives at the forefront of everyone’s mind – from Marketing, to Sales, to Services. It isn’t an afterthought, a fluffy pursuit, or an optional expense. Content is king. If you’re looking to create a content culture, we encourage you to follow these four tips. 

1.  Invest in Qualified Content Hires

While content can be found everywhere in our digital world, don’t assume content is free or easy to create. Content creation is very important and shouldn’t be tasked to free interns or content farms. Invest resources into hiring at least one excellent content creator for your organization. If you don’t have the resources to hire a new employee, identify a current team member who has the writing skills and begin to allocate some time into content creation. If time is tight, consider partnering with a communications agency that can help you with your content creation goals.

By investing in high-quality content creation, and showing it’s valued, you begin to set the stage for a strong content culture.

2.  Mobilize Every Employee To Create Content

Everyone in your organization should have the ability to contribute content. By empowering your team, you’ll build a scalable content creation machine. However, in order to create a culture of content creators, you must reiterate the benefits of participating.

You should explain that:

  • Regular content creators will move upward within the company – this must actually be true.
  • Content creators are viewed as thought leaders, which can help gain credibility with leads, customers, and future employers.
  • The content will serve as a built-in online portfolio they can reference down the road.

3.  Inspire Every Employee To Create Content

Now that you’ve explained why everyone in your organization should create content, it’s time to make them want to create content.

  • Reward authors of content that performs particularly well. Detail specific results it drove for the business, like leads opportunities generated, or customers won.
  • Create a healthy competition within the office by seeing who can create the best piece of content to move a specific business metric.
  • Be an active content creator yourself. Practice what you preach, by leading by example.

4.  Foster and Enable Employees’ Content Creation Abilities

To create a scalable content creation machine, it’s up to you to ensure that your employees feel capable of contributing. Content creation should be for everyone in your organization. The varying perspectives will make your content more well rounded. Meaning you’ll be able to address the needs of different buyer personas.

Create guidelines that team members can follow. This will make it more likely that all content fits your publishing standards.

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