Strengthening Your Content Creation Muscles

Content creation tips

The great thing about content creation is that even the most seasoned veterans can improve their speed, ease, and efficiency. In other words, your life can always get easier and your marketing results can become more remarkable. Incorporate the tips that follow if you’d like to create more content, with less pain.

1.  Quick Content Formats

Yes, some great content does take a long time to write - and you should create that kind of content – but there are also so many content formats that are equally valuable but don’t take long to put together. To name a few: how-to, top lists, FAQ, data, excerpted content, video content.

2.  Sourcing Content Internally and Externally

To become a content creating machine, the goal is to have a never-ending source of content, about a variety of topics. Tap into different areas of expertise among your staff, by sourcing content creators outside of your Marketing department. Be open to accepting guest bloggers from external sources. Think outside the box.

3.  Repurposing Content

To get a higher ROI from the content that you’re already creating, find new and creative ways to repurpose and reuse the content. Try one of these repurposing tactics:

  • Presentation Slides: When someone in your organization presents, consider whether their presentation slides can be tweaked and repurposed into a SlideShare presentation, social media images, or featured on your blog.
  • Persona Alignment: If you target multiple personas, or audiences, rework existing, successful content targeted at another segment to speak to a different persona.
  • Internal Content: Repurpose any industry insights that may be interesting to your target audience.
  • Content Updates: Content that performed well in the past, but has since gone out of date, should be updated and re-launched.

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