How to Conduct a Kickoff Meeting With Your PR Agency


The start of your business's relationship with a public relations agency sets the tone for your joint partnership to grow your brand. At Alchemy Communications, we know that whether this is the first time you've hired a PR and communications agency, or you've used a PR group before but are now working with a new team, how you start your relationship is the foundation for your entire project. 

Some of the agenda items will have been discussed during the PR agency vetting and hiring process. However, the participants in your Alchemy PR kickoff meeting may not have been part of the hiring process, so the kickoff agenda should include an overview of all aspects of the project, not just the logistics. Our agency's account manager will take charge of the kickoff meeting and prepare and manage the agenda.

12 Steps to a Successful Client Kickoff Meeting

1. Agenda

An agenda is a written list of what the PR agency will discuss at the kickoff meeting.

2. Introductions

Each participant from the agency and the client introduces themself, and briefly explains their role in the project.

3. Contract Recap

The agency reviews the contract and what the agency was hired to do.

4. Target Market

The client identifies their ideal client profile, and who are their current clients, and who are their brand ambassadors, influencers and subject matter experts.

5. Competitors

The client explains who their competitors are and provides an overview of the competitive market.

6. Project Goals

The agency reviews what the goals are for this contract, and how results will be evaluated and measured.

7. Budget and Approvals

The agency reviews the budget for the projects covered in this contract; defines what approvals and sign-offs are needed; 

8. Timeline

The agency identifies what the major project deliverables are and when they will be delivered; and anything that is not included in the project.

9. What the Agency Needs from the Client

The agency tells the client what information they need from the client for the project to start and when they need it, including:

  • logins for website and social media
  • key contacts not at kickoff meeting
  • brand style guide

10. Client Questions for the Agency

The client asks any questions they have about the agency, the team, the project or related issues.

11. Next Steps

The agency explains what the next steps are for the next week, month, 6 months, and what the client can expect in terms of communications from the PR agency. Determine the methods for progress updates and information exchanges:

  • text
  • email
  • phone call
  • in person meetings
  • tools such as Dropbox, Trello, or Slack

12. Conclusion

The agency thanks the client, and closes the kickoff meeting.

The kickoff meeting is the foundation for the relationship between your business and the agency you've hired. At Alchemy Communications our goal is ensure the project starts off with a clear understanding of the project goals, and an engaged team comprised of members from both organizations.

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