How to Outsource Your PR and Marketing



Do what you do best and outsource the rest!

~ Peter Drucker, the father of modern management

As your business grows and evolves your communications, PR and marketing needs also change. Eventually you may have enough work to justify hiring a staff member to manage and execute your PR and marketing activities. Or, you may consider giving marketing assignments to one of your current team members. Do any of these sound familiar:

  • Rapid growth and change in your organization requires that you ramp up your marketing over night.
  • Your internal marketing efforts aren't getting the priority or ROI they need.
  • A crisis has occurred and you need someone with media and PR expertise to make sure your message is delivered professionally and understood by your public.

An alternative to hiring staff for work that is sporadic and not your core business is to outsource your PR and marketing activities to an agency.

5 Benefits of Outsourcing Your PR and Marketing

1.  You can focus on your key competencies and skills

Allowing your team to focus on your mission and goals using their strengths and skills gives you the highest return on your investment in your people. Outsourcing your PR and marketing to a highly specialized PR team allows you and your team to focus on what they do best – and the PR firm to do what they do best.

2.  Outsourcing can reduce your costs

According to one study by the Economist, outsourcing can save you as much as 20% compared to recruiting, hiring, managing and firing staff. In fact, outsourcing can increase your ROI and allow you to stretch your staff and marketing dollars.

3.  Increase your PR capacity

When you outsource to a PR agency, you have access to the skills and knowledge of their whole team of marketing experts, and at a fraction of the cost to hire those skills to your own team. You also gain access to new technology when you outsource your PR - you probably do not have the need or funds to continually invest in and manage the latest marketing tools and resources. 

4.  Build your internal PR and marketing skills

Outsourcing a specific project or service to an agency who works side-by-side with your team can develop the skills of your staff while assuring that your project is managed for success.

5.  Expand your PR coverage

Outsourcing your PR to someone with better media contacts can expand your reach and dramatically improve the odds that media will support your marketing campaign. Your team may not have the necessary expertise to manage a specific project, or the bandwidth to deliver a major marketing campaign. 

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Whether you already have a PR team on-staff and need to grow your communications efforts, or you are just starting a PR and marketing campaign; a well strategized and planned communications plan executed by PR and marketing professionals will ensure your message reaches your target audience, gets results, and provides a ROI for your business.

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