Recruiting Brand Ambassadors? Look In-House!


Brand ambassadors are people who want to promote and support your product or service. They're your biggest fans: and they want to talk about your business on their social media posts.

Brand ambassadors are a great way to grow your business and reach out to a new audience. People want to do business with other people:

who are you more likely to believe a product recommendation from: 
the business itself, or a good friend who has used that business?

If you're thinking of using a brand ambassador to promote your business or nonprofit, here are a few things to keep in mind:

3 Tips for Using Brand Ambassadors

  • Be Transparent: Brand ambassadors who are paid to represent your business should clearly state they are compensated. 
  • Recruit Selectively: Carefully select your brand ambassadors to be sure their message and motives align with yours. Don't confuse a fan with an ambassador.
  • Provide Training: Brand ambassadors should be trained on your social media policies, branding, voice and messaging, and guidelines for resharing or responding to others' posts.

Employees can be strong brand ambassadors for your nonprofit or business. Before you recruit outside brand ambassadors, look in-house to find employees to serve as your organization's voice on social media.  

Recruiting Employees as Brand Ambassadors

If you have employees who are connected, committed, and engaged then you already have brand ambassadors. When you provide support, care, and encouragement you can unleash their power.

~ HR Cloud

HR Cloud has some great strategies to turn employees into ambassadors to amplify your message:

  • In order to empower your brand ambassadors you must have a social media policy that’s positive and inclusive.
  • Rather than focusing on what could go wrong, you want to think about the benefits to be gained when your employees are knowledgeable, comfortable, and encouraged to share online.
  • Provide social media training on various channels (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) and ensure your employees have content to share.
  • Create specific hashtags for employees to use and encourage them to use it across all platforms.

Don't underestimate your team! Empower your employees who already love your brand, and train your team to be brand ambassadors who will share your message with their social connections.

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