Best Practices for Scheduling Social Media


It's summertime, and most of use are thinking about vacation: whether its a few hours, a few days, or even a few weeks, time away from the office is good for our mental health, not to mention physical health!

Planning for vacation typically means putting in extra time to make sure your business operates smoothly in your absence. Productivity tools are useful to help you effectively run your business while you're on vacation, and every day. 

Fortunately, there are a slew of social media tools and strategies to plan your social media marketing strategy and schedule your social media posts in advance. At Alchemy we believe in using social media scheduling tools to manage, not automate, our social media. Here are some tips we use to schedule our posts and make sure our social media runs seemlessly, and is on target for our messaging.

3 Tips for Scheduling Social Media

1. Schedule, Don't Automate

Alchemy uses these tools to schedule our social media posts:

  • HootSuite
  • Facebook Scheduler
  • HubSpot

We schedule posts in advance: but we don't automate our follower engagement. Our Likes, RTs, questions, shares, welcomes and thank yous are from the Alchemy team: not a bot!

2. Audit Your Scheduled Posts Regularly

Never set it and forget it: too many social media fails occur when social media posts are scheduled in advance, and no one monitors them to be sure they are current and accurate before they actually post. We suggest weekly monitoring your scheduled posts to make sure you want that to go live.

tip: If an unplanned public event occurs, recheck your scheduled social media posts to be sure nothing inapproriate gets posted.

3. Give Someone Else Access to Log In

As a business owner you may be the one managing your content calendar and scheduling your social media, and you successfully scheduled everything in advance. But things happen: you may have an unplanned or intentional digital vacation, and not be able to access your social media accounts or have the latest news. Make sure someone else can log into your social meda accounts and scheduling tools, and is monitoring your social media in your absence.

Social media scheduling tools are ideal to increase productivity at your business, but they are not a replacement for personal management and interaction with your social media followers. 

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