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Stakeholder Engagement Training

Stakeholder Engagement Training

Stakeholder engagement determines who is influenced by a project, and how. It is the process an organization uses to identify key stakeholders and influence the information they receive, and the actions they will take from the project. Stakeholders could include internal and/or external individuals, community leaders, groups, investors, businesses and other organizations who will be impacted by a service or product, or who could influence how it is perceived.

On-Call Crisis Communications Services

On-Call Crisis Communications Services

Our experience has shown us that when we talk about crises, it’s a matter of when, and not if, they will occur. While we do offer customized Crisis Communications Media Training, some companies are at higher risk than others. For those clients, we offer a specialized on-call service.

Post-Crisis Communications Debriefs

Post-Crisis Communications Debriefs

Many companies don’t have a lot of warning before their first serious incident. Things happen quickly and unexpectedly, and they cope as best they can. They deal with it as best they can, survive through it, then go back to their day to day task lists without ever doing a formal debrief on what happened, how it came to be, what could have been done better, and what a formal process for crisis communications could look like to make future situations easier.

Best Practices for Building Your Credibility After a Crisis

Whether it is your fault or not, a crisis can utterly destroy a company’s reputation. There are some steps that you can take, before and after a crisis strikes, to ensure that you can regain that trust and credibility with your customers. Here are some helpful tips to get your company back on top:

Best Practices for Building Your Credibility

So, you have built yourself a business from the ground up. You have laboured over your brand, you have employed fantastic people, and you have got a fabulous service or product to sell. But, in order to build a successful empire, you need your customers to trust your brand, believe in your company, and want your product over a competitor’s.

The Value of Applying for Corporate Awards

Corporate awards are the recognition given to an organization, or employees in an organization, who show excellence in a particular field. There are many corporate awards available to organizations and applying for corporate awards can have massive value for your company. Corporate awards can help businesses retain integral employees, gain brand awareness and build a stronger company.

Protect Your Business: Risk Mitigation and Sexual Harassment

Risk mitigation is part of an overall corporate crisis communications strategy. Your organization is potentially vulnerable to sexual harassment charges, difficult media relations, financial scandal, political corruption, technology failure, natural disasters and many other types of unusual public attention that require special actions to manage. 

How to Prepare for a Media Interview with a Journalist - Checklist

Many people are uncomfortable speaking to the public - especially on camera! Whether you are comfortable with public speaking or you're a newbie, there are actions you can take in advance to prepare for a media interview with a journalist. 

Media Climate in 2018

Media training is an essential skill for every entrepreneur and small business owner. A positive relationship with the media can be instrumental to building and managing your brand's reputation. Whether you have a product that needs promotion or a communications crisis; Alchemy Communications media relations training is vital to your business. Our media training provides your team with coaching and practice to deliver your message in a clear, honest and positive voice – even under pressure.