Instagram PR Strategies That Work


Instagram has over 300 million monthly users, and grew x3 in the past 2 years

Are you trying to build a following on Instagram? Instagram is the most visual platform on social media: with an active, engaged community. Don't be afraid to experiment on Instagram: if it doesn't work, try something different next time. If you're new to Instagram or trying to grow your community, here are some Instagram strategies for your next PR campaign that are proven to work, from the smart folks at KISSmetrics.

10 Instagram strategies to boost your next PR campaign:

1.  Instagram has 100% organic reach

Your followers will see your posts - so post often!

2. Photos get more engagement than videos

So post more photos than videos, but mix it up!

3. The best captions for e-commerce are long descriptions, not questions

Be sure to use hashtags in your description: Instagram makes it very easy to sort and search topics by hashtag, ie #PurveyorofPR

4. Photos that are primarily green get more engagement than other colors

Experiment with different colors of background and text to see what colors your audience responds to.

5. Photos with no filter get the most engagement for e-commerce

Filters are fun to design creative photos - but if filters lessen your engagement, don't use them!

6. Wednesday has the highest engagement rate on Instagram

Highest Instagram engagement by day of week is close: it only varied from a high of 4.9% to 4.4% on the lowest day. But to get the biggest bang from your post, try Wednesday!

7. Post yellow or blue photos to encourage viewers to buy your product

Understand the psychological influence of colors on your audience so you can optimize your visuals for maximum engagement.

8. Worst day to post on Instagram is Monday

With an engagement rate of only 4.4%, Monday has the lowest engagement rate on Instagram. But its only .5% behind the highest day, Wednesday.

9. Instagram has a real-time feed display

So your posts get equal visibility as accounts with larger audiences - there's no bias for bigger brands.

10. The best times of day to post are

  • 4pm - 6pm
  • 6am
  • 2am

Post when your target audience is on Instagram! But if your audience is active on Instagram at midnight, and you're sleeping, we're a fan of Onlypultto schedule Instagram posts.

Here is KISSmetric's infographic The Science of Brands on Instagram

The Science of Brands on Instagram
The Science of Brands on Instagram

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Kathryn Bechthold CEO Alchemy Communications
Kathryn Bechthold CEO Alchemy Communications

author: Kathryn Bechthold, Communications expert in Calgary, AB. Owner/CEO of Alchemy Communications Inc.

Tool Review: Onlypult for Scheduling Instagram Posts


Onlypult is a convenient and effective social media solution
that saves time when creating and scheduling Instagram posts. 

~ Maximize Social Business

One of the first rules of PR is show, don't tell. And one of the hottest social media tools for storytelling with images is Instagram. According to Forrester, Instagram is the king of social engagement, and delivers 58 times more engagement per follower than Facebook, and 120 times more engagement per follower than Twitter. Clearly, Instagram is where you want your PR campaign to be! 

It's always best to tell your story in real-time (IRT) on Instagram, and interact with your audience in the moment. However, as I mentioned in 5 Tips for Using Instagram for PR Campaigns it's simply not always possible to promote and update IRT! Instagram does not have an option to schedule posts in advance, not do any of the major social media planners such as HootSuite or Buffer. At Alchemy PR we're a fan of Onlypult, a social media management tool for Instagram.

The main benefits of Onlypult are:

1. Post Instagram images from your computer - you don't need to post to Instagram withyour tablet or smartphone.

2. Schedule Instagram posts in advance - you can schedule one or more Instagram posts to go live at times that are optimal for your audience, complete with text and up to 30 hashtags.

Onlypult offers a free 7 day trial, then coverts to a paid plan, starting at $12/month to manage up to 3 Instagram accounts.

Here's How Onlypult Works:

  • log into your Onlypult dashboard from your laptop
  • upload images from your computer
  • add text and up to 30 hashtags
  • schedule your image to post now or up to

Onlypult Pros

  • schedule posts individually, or use Onlypult's Planner feature with your preferred posting times
  • supports images of different size and shapes - the Instagram app only supports square images
  • built-in filters
  • supports up to 30 hashtags
  • calendar view of upcoming and previous posts and interaction (all posts: not just those posted via Onlypult)

Onlypult Cons

  • doesn't support video (soon, I hope!)
  • analytics don't offer much information
  • features are not well-cocumented and are hard to find, such as changing time zone
how to use Onlypult
how to use Onlypult

note: I was a bit skeptical about Onlypult at first - their site looks great and the tool worked really well during the trial, but the content has more than a few grammatical errors. However, Onlypult was developed and is hosted in Russia, which explains the errors.

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Kathryn Bechthold CEO Alchemy Communications
Kathryn Bechthold CEO Alchemy Communications

author: Kathryn Bechthold, Communications expert in Calgary, AB. Owner/CEO of Alchemy Communications Inc.

5 Tips for Using Instagram for PR Campaigns


With over three hundred million active monthly users, Instagram has now overpassed Twitter.

~ IconoSquare

Instagram is a fun and easy social media tool to share photos and short videos that promote your PR campaign and tells your story in images, not words. When first launched, Instagram was primarily used by millennials - but Instagram usage has sky-rocketed and today is a popular site for:

  • Millennial Moms
  • Gen X
  • artists, celebrities and influencers
  • teens - 56.4% of all 14-17 year-olds
  • males - 51%

Statistics indicate 17% of all online adults use Instagram (JennsTrends) and major brands like NBC and Coke, nonprofits and educational organizations are using Instagram as part of their branding and PR campaigns to build their online audience. Using Instagram as part of your PR campaign requires understanding how Instagram users respond to and interact with images and developing an Instagram strategy for your PR campaign.

5 Essentials for Your Instagram PR Campaign

1. Curate what you share to Twitter and Facebook

Instagram has easy to use options that share your posts with Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr and Flickr. But don’t overshare and post all your Instagram images on your other social media sites: you will dilute your following.

2. Plan ahead

The power of sharing images and building your audience on Instagram is capturing the moment and sharing your PR event in real time - but the reality is that as you build your campaign you may find it more convenient to plan ahead and schedule your Instagram posts. While Instagram itself does not provide a scheduling option, there are tools available to plan and schedule your Instagram posts

  1. Onlypult - is a paid tool to schedule your Instagram posts in advance
  2. IFTTT - has free recipes that allow you share your Instagram posts to other social sites, such as schedule any Instagram post with the hashtag #twitter to share to your Twitter site as a native image (not just a link to Instagram).

When used together, Onlypult and IFTT allow you to schedule some of your Instagram posts in advance so that your PR campaign is running seamlessly while you're busy with other tasks... like sleep!

3. IRT - Share in real time

Its convenient to plan ahead and schedule your posts for efficiency and greater reach - just because your audience is on Instagram at midnight does not mean you want to be online posting at midnight! But the real power of Instagram is sharing with your audience in real time - when someone likes or comments on your post, immediately reply and start a conversation to build relationships.

4. Build user-generated campaigns

Instagram is an ideal tool to promote PR campaigns focused on user-generated content. Develop a hashtag strategy and encourage your followers to post images using your hashtag, then recognize and reward their shares:

  • repost their posts on your Instagram page
  • comment and thank all followers who post and tag you or use your hashtag
  • tag users who share your hashtag or image to encourage more engagement

5. Cross-promote on other social channels

When you start your Instagram campaign, be sure to let your followers on other channels know you're there and that you're sharing content only available on Instagram. You can create campaigns, contests and promotions that are only on Instagram - give your audience a reason to follow you on Instagram and increase their loyalty and interaction as you build your following.

Instagram is an ideal social media platform to build awareness and following for your PR campaign. Instagram's visual storytelling and high audience engagement encourage follower loyalty and build relationships.

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