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It's not about ideas, it's about making ideas happen.

~ Scott Belsky, Making Ideas Happen:

Overcoming the Obstacles Between Vision and Reality

Despite what you may have read, traditional media and snail mail remain effective ways to tell a story and communicate a message. But to stay on top of your PR game in today's 24/7/365news cycle and the blink-and-you-miss-it digital media revolution you have to take advantage of the latest technological tools and resources that help you do your job faster, easier, and yes, sometimes even better.

New PR Tools for Public Relations Professionals

HubSpot's Blog Generator

Who doesn't occasionally get writer's block? The need to generate content for a client's blog - or your own blog - can be exhausting. And if you're sitting alone at your desk without someone to brainstorm with, try HubSpot's Blog Topic Generator. Just enter a few words, and see what pops up! I entered PR tools tired, and the first topic returned was The Ultimate Cheatsheet on PR - I'll take it!

Make A GIF

GIFs are all over Pinterest, YouTube, Instagram and now Twitter: fun and fast GIFs can deliver your message in just a few seconds - and make it memorable. (What's a GIF? a short moving photo or animation. Try the GIFYourself app to make a GIF of yourself).  MakeAGIF is a free and easy tool to make GIFs that are sure to leave an impression.

Sprout Social

There's an abundance of tools to manage your social media campaigns. Sprout Social measures your in-depth social engagement data to help strengthen client relationships. Features include keyword monitoring and CRM options, but Sprout Social's reports are their secret weapon, loved by users. Free 30 day trial.


You've probably heard of this app used by teens to send photos and video that disappear in just a few seconds (caveatemptor!), but now Snapchat is being used for marketing. Event and product promotion are just some of the ways big brands such as McDonald's, HBO, and Juicy Couture - and even politicians - are using the image messaging stories feature.


Twitter introduced a 6 second Vine video app a couple years ago, but it was slow to gain mainstream popularity after the initial rush to download. Today's move to visual marketing has propelled Vine to become an easy way to capture short attention spans and to shoot and share videos of products, brand ambassadors, events and 'exclusive' behind the scenes activity. And of course, now there are tools to merge several Vines into a longer video.

Here's a list of more PR Pro Tools and Resources to enhance your communications efforts:

PR tools and resources
PR tools and resources

Fundamentals for the New Era PR Pro with Sarah Evans from Vocus

Do you use - and like - any of these tools? What PR tools and apps do you use to improve your productivity and reach new audiences... or just to get through the day!

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