How Pinterest Can Boost Your Business


People like to look at pictures. Social media sites that emphasize visuals - images, graphics, video - are popular with social media users and have optimal SEO benefits. Only 3 years old with over 70 million users, Pinterest is one of social media’s burgeoning visual networks. A virtual bulletin board, Pinterest allows users to pin images directly from websites, or upload original content from their computers. As its popularity increases, Pinterest's benefits and uses for business are quickly growing. Last year Pinterest for Business launched, here are a few statistics that will make you realize the power and potential of Pinterest for your business or nonprofit organization:

• Conversion rates (converting visitors to your website into actual customers) are 50% higher on Pinterest than other social media sites. • 47% of consumers make purchases based on Pinterest recommendations. • Pinterest generates about 4x more revenue than Twitter and about 25% more than Facebook. • Pins have a longer shelf-life than most other social media. Your pins can still be relevant and searched 6 months, 1 year, or several years later.  80% of pins are re-pins – this means your content is being pinned and repinned, generating a high number of views and potential conversion rates.

So whether you are a brick-and-mortar business focusing on personal transactions, or you are an online business focusing on e-commerce, Pinterest has tools created specifically to promote business accounts. When you set up your Pinterest Business account be sure to have your site verified so customers know you're a trusted commerce site.

4 Ways Pinterest Can Boost Your Business

1. Promoted Pins

This works in much the same way promoted tweets or posts work. They are paid for placements, which can give a business a little extra advertising. This is a big move for the network, as they look to increase their business service.

2. Rich Pins

These pins allow businesses to add a little something extra to make pins more useful. There are five rich pins: place, article, product, recipe, and movie pins. Rich pins give the users more detail about the pin, such as ingredients and cooking instructions for a recipe, the price and availability for a product, or the address and phone number of a business. Beware: this tool requires you to prep your content with meta tags, so if you aren’t tech savvy, ask a developer to help you out.

3. Pin It Button

Pin It is a little button that invites viewers to pin content from your website or mobile app directly to their Pinterest boards: sharing the images of your product, blog or article! When someone pins from your website, in addition to the image the pin links back to your site so anyone can go back to your website to find out more.This addition to your website is a great referral source for your products or services, and can help drive a lot of traffic. An analysis tool is built right in, so you can see your impression and engagement stats.

4. Web Analytics

Once your Pinterest site is verified, analytics shows you what content from your website is most popular on Pinterest. You can easily see who is viewing your pins, who is pinning from your website, and how many “likes” or “re-pins” your content gets. If you set a time frame, this tool will generate trends so you can see your engagement over time. Once you see what types of pins, images and content are popular on Pinterest you can modify your content to reach your target audience.

Image-based networks like Pinterest are great for SEO, getting “big likes” from business - both B2C and B2B - and nonprofits because they are able to connect with their customers and potential customers in new, more targeted relationships and create buzz around their products and services.

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